Safeguarding Resiliency

Because reliable municipal and industrial wastewater treatment is essential.


Whatever the weather or crisis, wastewater operators, process engineers, and managers need to be able to anticipate disturbances, prepare for them, and respond quickly to ensure the continuity of their plant. 

Digital technologies play a fundamental role in this by helping to future-proof water infrastructures from emerging challenges to ensure resiliency.

AQUAVISTATM Plant (Hubgrade Performance) essentially bottles up and offers plant managers resiliency by ensuring the safe, sustainable and compliant treatment of wastewater — any time, anywhere, on any device. 

Why is resiliency so important?

As we observe unprecedented changes in our climate, and as epidemics and pandemics become increasingly common occurrences, resiliency is a topic that continues to gain momentum in the industry. In fact, UN Water estimates that economic losses from weather-related disasters alone to be approximately US$250 - $300 billion, annually. 

As a result, companies and enterprises that rely on water quality must be proactive in implementing technologies and protocols that can support business recovery in the event of disaster.


How Hubgrade can help you

Hubgrade facilitates remote working to guarantee business continuity during crisis management. It does this by ensuring plant managers are able to operate their facilities when staff are not available or are unable to physically reach treatment sites.

With Hubgrade, plant managers can manage their facility from anywhere on any device thanks to having 24/7 access to real-time data that reduces disruption and supports forecasting to react to challenges ahead.

“For companies that have a strong water agenda, sustainability is fundamental for long-term success and resilience. Many industries are now adopting a new generation of digital tools with the global smart water network market is expected to be worth some US$22.2 billion in 2020 alone.”
“More than any other component, water is essential in countless industries and business sectors, as well as a vital element for humanity. Developing a business continuity plan is essential to maintain productivity and services during unplanned disruptions

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