Veolia modernizes a wastewater pretreatment plant for Nestlé’s breakfast cereal factory in Poland

18 may 2015
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The turn-key contract covers the modernization of the wastewater pretreatment plant and the delivery of mechanical and electrical equipment, as well as the construction, assembly and start-up of the installation. The end of works is planned for the year 2016.
The aim of the project is to increase the effectiveness of the present wastewater treatment plant. The technological system based on a compensatory aeration tank working as a classic system with active sludge will be replaced by Veolia’s AnoxKaldnes™ Moving Bed Biofilm Reactor (MBBR) and will be joined to the existing pressure flotation. The project assumes pretreatment of wastewater coming from production with the flow of 250 m3/d.
The applied AnoxKaldnes™ MBBR technology constitutes the optimal solution in terms of technology and costs. The adopted solution complies with all the requirements posed for this new installation: stability, doubled effectiveness in comparison to the active sludge process, resistance to changes of flow and load in wastewater. The substantial advantage of this process is the small footprint required, which allows using the existing infrastructure. This was a decisive factor for the CPP Toruń-Pacific factory because of its location in the building area of Toruń center.
This is the second project carried out by Veolia Water Technologies for the Nestlé group in Poland, following the successful modernization of a wastewater treatment plant for Cereal Partners Poland Toruń-Pacific in Lubicz in 2012, using EGSB anaerobic technology.

Caption Picture 1: Carriers of biological membrane type Z-400 used in MBBR reactors
Caption Picture 2: Example of MBBR reactor
Caption Picture 3: Wastewater pretreatment plant for Cereal Partners Poland Toruń-Pacific in Lubicz – anaerobic technology EGSB - BIOBED®MP


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