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Environmental challenges and rising costs are accelerating changes throughout the water industry

Veolia Water Technologies helps its clients respond with cutting-edge solutions based on innovative technologies. Veolia Water Technologies constantly enriches its offer through in-house innovation. Our portfolio of 350 proprietary technologies gives us unrivaled flexibility to respond to the specific and changing needs of clients worldwide. 

For example, Continuous Electro-Deionization, the latest generation of ion-exchange technology, produces high purity water without the need for chemicals.

Our leading Biobed EGSB anaerobic wastewater treatment technology achieves high COD removals with an extremely small footprint.

Our exclusive hybrid thermal-reverse osmosis desalination process optimizes energy consumption.

And we are also continuing to develop the concept of turning wastewater treatment plants into biorefineries to produce biodegradable plastics. Produced from wastewater and waste sludge, these just-emerging new polymers are particularly attractive for their diverse performance characteristics.

A focus on five critical areas: 

  • Reuse and recycling
  • Desalination
  • Biogas generation
  • Energy efficiency
  • By-products recovery 

Innovative breakthroughs today increasingly come from outside conventional water treatment areas. As a global leader, Veolia is ideally positioned to tap into multidisciplinary fields such as energy, biology or physico-chemistry.

And research into water technologies is of course an integral part of Veolia's international research network and 900-member research and innovation team.

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