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oil and gas upstream water treatment
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Creating water solutions for the Oil Gas upstream industry

Veolia Water Technologies has extensive experience in developing, implementing and servicing sludge, wastewater and water treatment plants for oil refineries and the petrochemicals industry. We offer a variety of technologies for produced water treatment as well as the expertise to determine the best solution for each application.

Onshore and offshore producers throughout the world put their faith in our global expertise. Veolia Water Technologies is involved in all the major areas in offshore hydrocarbon production where water treatment is applied.
 Water is an essential part of oil and gas upstream field production. Veolia offers technologies and processes for conventional as well as specialized treatment systems for a variety of unconventional methods of extraction. New sources of natural gas and innovative drilling methods have paved the way for production of resources once thought to be cost-prohibitive.
  • Depending on the water characteristics, required treated water quality, and discharge requirements, our systems are custom-designed to meet the unique needs at each project site.
  • Our lab and pilot testing capabilities are a valuable resource to confirm design parameters that the system or process will perform as specified.
Using  Veolia's CeraMem® ceramic membrane technology, the ROSS System is a unique, fully scalable, modularized water treatment for SAGD (Steam-assisted gravity drainage) produced water.

This modularized system provides removal of oil, solids, silica as well as softening of produced water. The ROSS System can be utilized as a stand-alone treatment process, for incremental capacity expansion, and a means to de-bottlenecking existing, underperforming water treatment systems.
Veolia also provides highly effective deoiling systems for produced water. This includes both :
  • Autoflot mechanical induced gas flotation (IGF)
  • Power Clean walnut shell oil removal filter (ORF) technology.
 Evaporation is a robust and effective method of treating de-oiled produced water in SAGD production. Veolia Water Technologies has developed an innovation to address the issues concerning silica removal, scaling of heat transfer surfaces, and addresses the resulting difficulty in disposal of concentrated waste brines experienced in conventional evaporation processes.
However, production techniques such as shale gas hydraulic fracturing or coal seam gas (CSG) requires millions of gallons of water. As production levels increase, there is a need to address the limited treatment options for the wastewater generated.  Long-term sustainability will require reuse and recycling of water resources and by-product recovery while minimizing overall waste volumes from production activities.
  • Technologies for unconventional gas production:
  • Transportable treatment solutions:  MULTIFLO Softening
  • Evaporation & Crystallization / Zero Liquid Discharge
  • OPUS produced water treatment
  • Autoflot Induced gas flotation (IGF)
  • Power Clean Nutshell Filter (ORF)
  • ​ AnoxKaldnes MBBR for BOD/VOC Removal
The preferred source of injection water in an offshore environment is seawater. Drilling a new well is very expensive; therefore the water for injection has to be of a very high quality to avoid plugging and scaling of the injection equipment. Souring can occur when water containing oxygen and bacteria is injected which reduces the produced hydrocarbons' value.
Veolia engineers, procures and project manages installation of the following process technologies:
  • Sulphate Removal Package
  • Sea Water Reverse Osmosis (SWRO)
Produced water can be described as any water that is produced to the surface from a hydrocarbon reservoir together with the oil and gas.
  • Produced water needs to be treated because it contains substances such as suspended and dissolved solids, gasses and metals among others and these need to be removed so that the produced water can be re-used or disposed of.
  • Produced water can be disposed of into the sea, it can be injected into a disposal well; it can be re-injected to maintain pressure; or it can be reused for irrigation or as industrial process water. All of these are subject to local environmental regulations.
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