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We create and implement water and wastewater treatment solutions for industry.

As global leader in water and wastewater treatment solutions for industry, we let clients focus on their core business. Our solutions help improve their economic performance.

AISTech 2019
6 - 9 May, 2019 - Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA

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Nor-Shipping 2019
4 - 7 June, 2019 - Oslo, Norway

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As the market for primary metals is cyclical and volatile, the industry needs to optimize the management of its resources. At Veolia Water Technologies, we understand the importance of ensuring the quantity and the quality of water resources while at the same time controlling the environmental impact of industrial activities.

Veolia Water Technologies' expertise in the primary metals industry is used at all stages of the water treatment cycle:
  • Make-up water pre-treatment
  • Process water treatment
  • Non-contact cooling sidestream treatment
  • Cooling tower blowdown
  • Contact cooling tower
  • Process solution and service
  • Wastewater treatment
  • Services

Our experts have developed specific water treatment solutions for automobile manufacturers, their suppliers and industries in the metallurgical sector. We provide innovative technological solutions to answer automotive industry needs:

  • Permanent, temporary or emergency plants to supply demineralized or RO permeate water for surface treatment
  • Treatment of oil-water emulsions using membranes or evaporation techniques
  • Treatment of factory waste including recycling methods that aim to achieve Zero Liquid Discharge(ZLD)
  • New design and build contracts
Autres industries

The fast growing biofuels industry faces industrial challenges requiring reactivity, flexibility and adaptability due to the sector's changing environment.

At Veolia Water Technologies, we understand that the biofuels industry needs to combine industrial performance and sustainable development while remaining competitive. We are able to offer packaged and customized water treatment solutions covering:
  1. Pre-treatment, including the compact and patented clarification process, Actiflo™;
  2. Purified water using ion exchange or reverse osmosis for use in production processes or as boiler-feed or cooling tower make-up;
  3. Evaporation or anaerobic digestion of stillage for recovery as animal feed or fertilizer. Veolia offers a unique High Efficiency Stillage Concentration solution (up to 50%), which reduces considerably the energy needs for the downstream drying step;
  4. Biothane™ UASB and Biobed® EGSB anaerobic digestion, ideally suited to high loaded effluents and producing biogas that can be recovered for energy production;
  5. Grease / water separation and aerobic treatment using Biolix™ and Agira™ or anaerobic digestion;
  6. Highly efficient wastewater treatment using Biosep™ membrane bio-reactors (MBR), which allow for water recycling;
  7. Recycling and Zero Liquid Discharge (ZLD) solutions;
  8. Sludge treatment and recovery.
  9. Implementation of partial or total water recycling solutions
  10. Biogas recovery
Autres industries

Our focused approach and in-depth knowledge ensures a high safety standard, compliance with environmental requirements, high reliability and long-term cost effectiveness. Our goal is to fulfill the most demanding requirements of the chemical industry.

Each technical solution we offer is tailored to:
  1. Meet the production requirements of our clients - whether large volume or multipurpose production, new plant, facility upgrade or production expansion
  2. Comply with our clients' process effluent characteristics such as hydraulic load, organic/inorganic load, priority substances, toxicity, hazardous/cross-media effects, temperature or pH

Veolia Water Technologies, through its dedicated subsidiary RWO, is one of the leading suppliers for water and wastewater treatment systems on board ships and offshore installations.

CleanBallast™ disinfection unit

The CleanBallast™ system treats ballast water by reliably removing organisms, sediments and suspended solids in two steps:
  • a DiscFilter™ for mechanical separation when taking in ballast water
  • followed by our advanced EctoSys™ disinfection unit which further reduces the number of living organisms in the water before reaching the ballast water tanks
To address the marine industry's water challenges our portfolio of water treatment technologies includes:
  • Ballast water treatment
  • Oil water separation
  • Wastewater treatment
  • Reverse osmosis desalination
  • Potable water treatment
  • Process water treatment
Autres industries

Large quantities of high-quality water are required to manufacture the cells used in microelectronic and photovoltaic systems.

Veolia Water Technologies, as the world leader in water and wastewater treatment, is a partner of choice for these industries. From packaged plants to turnkey installations and long-term operating services, we offer cost-effective water treatment solutions for Greenfield sites, facility expansions and plant upgrades.

For example, Veolia has developed a compact and modular engineered system able to recover coolant used for ingot slicing with a Diamond Wire Saw system.  Highly efficient, this chemical-free packaged solution created specifically for photovoltaic applications achieves a coolant recovery rate of 80%, which can rise to 90% when combined with membranes.