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Valorisation of bio-waste and biomasses by methanisation: Biomet™

Veolia responds to the diverse water treatment needs of cities around the world with market-leading technologies and processes.

Valorisation of bio-waste and biomasses by methanisation: Biomet™
To meet our customers' needs, we have developed Biomet™. This is a modular process, specifically designed for the treatment of agricultural by-products, organic waste and  which extracts the maximum amount of energy (gas, electricity and heat).


During storm events, many wastewater plants may be unable to achieve the required effluent quality and, in worst cases, untreated wastewater may bypass the plant.

This is a serious health and environmental concern.
Combined sewer overflow may contain particulate and soluble wastes from domestic sewage, industrial and commercial wastewaters. These waste products include suspended solids, bacteria, viruses, nutrients, toxic pollutants, oil, grease and debris, posing significant risks to receiving water quality, public health and aquatic life.
Municipalities are being challenged to eliminate all discharges of untreated wastewater caused by Combined Sewer Overflows (CSO).

Veolia Water Technologies applies its Actiflo process for high rate clarification and removal of total suspended solids and particulate biochemical oxygen demand materials during wet weather conditions.

  • The Actiflo effluent typically achieves higher than 90% removal, making flows easily disinfected with UV or chlorination.
  • The Actiflo process can be used in parallel with a conventional water treatment plant or at a satellite facility within the collection system.
  • Offering unlimited treatment capacity, the Actiflo process allows elimination of overflows.
  • Process trains can be used for primary and/or tertiary treatment during dry weather flows.
 The effectiveness of Actiflo in treating wet weather flows has been proven at facilities around the world.

Veolia Water Technologies has invested years of R&D to develop odor-free treatment plants that are acceptable both for those who work in them and those who live in their vicinity.

Controlling wastewater odors
Although intended to help protect the environment, pumping, water purification and sludge treatment stations can themselves be a source of visual, auditory or olfactory pollution, particularly when they are located in towns, residential areas or tourist destinations.
Veolia Water Technologies helps its clients respond to odor concerns and control wastewater odors at and around treatment plants.
Electronic monitoring
  • The "electronic nose network", OdoWatch, continuously merges odor data with incoming weather data to display odor plumes on an on-screen map of the site and its surroundings. The system identifies main odor sources and can distinguish between site-generated odors and those originating from other sources.
    With weather forecast data, OdoWatch can project odor impact up to 24 hours beforehand, enabling the operator to take appropriate steps to prevent the predicted impact.
  • Aquilair is a physical and chemical deodorization process in which gaseous molecules are transformed to a liquid phase.
  • Alizair is a "green", biological odor removal system that uses bio-filtration to oxidize odorizing molecules in a liquid medium.
These methods are incorporated during the design stage for new installations but can also easily be added to existing plants.

Water treatment chemicals are an important contributor to ensuring the long-term performance and safety of installations.

HYDREX - a globally-recognized performer
Veolia Water Technologies offers the Hydrex range of organic and inorganic chemicals and additives. Our more than 400 formulations help clients optimize the full water cycle, chemical consumption and operation & maintenance costs. Hydrex has a proven track record worldwide as an effective global water treatment solution that:
  • protects against scale deposition, corrosion and fouling
  • reduces unnecessary downtime
  • optimizes productivity
  • reduces environmental risks
 Veolia's experience operating more than 5,000 water treatment facilities around the world means that our unmatched expertise in delivering high-value solutions can be adapted to meet the unique needs of each client.
Veolia has introduced its green additives line to reinforce the comprehensive Hydrex water treatment chemicals range. By minimizing the impact of our additives on the environment, we help clients comply with stringent environmental regulations and better respond to stakeholder expectations.
Consistent with Veolia's sustainable development commitments, we are continuously reducing the impact of our Hydrex products on the environment.
Veolia also offers a wide range of alternative green technologies to reduce the use of chemicals in water treatment, such as non-chemical treatment technologies, reverse osmosis systems for blow-down reduction, condensate polishers for recycling & reuse and brine recovery systems.

Hydrex brochure

Veolia Water Technologies delivers premium quality water treatment services through mobile water services, smart networks, e-service systems and world-leading technologies for water monitoring and control.

Software and services for water treatment management
Our software services help municipal clients:
  • Perform better:
    • Veolink Advanced Control is built around the principle "See - Control - Improve." Real-time sensor data storage and treatment enables cost control, energy savings, regulatory compliance and resource conservation.
    • Our STAR 2 intelligent process/network control is deployed on 43 international sites.
  • Manage information: manage operating data with Veolink Data Base, share technical and information using the Veolink Tech secured network.
  • Talk with your community: an easy-to-use Veolink Com web site lets you clearly communicate your environmental choices and policies.
  • Take care of your tools: Veolink Maintenance helps ensure efficient equipment management at 80 plants worldwide.
  • Among our smart system solutions: software that links weather radar data to avoid storm overflows and odor problems.
 Save energy
We help our clients better manage energy by conducting audits, using Veolink Optima, and identifying ways to reduce energy consumption and lower carbon footprint.
Temporary water services
  • Quickly-installed mobile units for exceptional circumstances
  • Modular units for surplus or seasonal water treatment needs
  • Turnkey solutions for use by smaller municipalities to control public health risks
 We help clients improve processes, respond to emergencies and run their plants safely and efficiently.