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We are thrilled to announce that VWT has won the “We keep the world running” award at Maximize 2021, ServiceMax 10th annual global field service conference.
Essential for the manufacture of infant formula or beverages, the use of drinking water as an ingredient requires compliance with strict criteria for food safety.
How mobile systems are offering flexible, cutting-edge water treatment without a prohibitive upfront cost.
Veolia Water Technologies’ subsidiary in the UK looked at how those managing on-site water and wastewater were coping since the COVID-19 pandemic, and how water treatment had been affected during the first lockdown period.
Veolia Water Technologies is bringing its proven mobile water services expertise to clients in the Middle East.
Spanish subsidiary of Veolia Water Technologies provides emergency technical assistance in a hotel quarantined by COVID-19 on the Canary Island of Tenerife.
Crystallisation, as a powerful separation technology and production process, is helping the fertilizer industry diversify its product mix, improve profitability and enhance sustainability,
The “tidal shift” for the aquaculture industry is in perfect sync with another impactful trend—the industrial digitalization era.
Through its business unit SOLYS, Veolia Water Technologies is pleased to announce the launch of the SIRION™ Pro range, a simplified version of the SIRION™ RO range
To meet market expectations and in response to our customers’ needs, Veolia Water Technologies, through its internal manufacturing and global logistics platform SOLYS, has developed a new Plug & Play, integrated RO-CEDI unit for demineralized water production.
To reduce the time required to safely restart after a sharp slowdown in production, or to overcome a system failure, Mobile Water Services offers temporary rental solutions to guarantee a secure and reliable water supply.
EVALED offers you the opportunity to manage your evaporation system remotely, through our EVAlink service.
ELGA LabWater is an intrinsic element in the response to Covid-19, supplying pure and ultrapure water purification equipment to thousands of hospitals and healthcare facilities world wide.
Veolia Water Technologies provided emergency support on lab water treatment equipment to hospitals designated to provide intensive treatment to COVID-19 patients in Wuhan, China.
Companies’ critical equipment may have been stopped or operated in degraded mode during the lockdown. Hydrex® Chemical Solutions will help them restart at optimal level of performance.
Article written for Power Magazine's May 2020 issue by Veolia Water Technologies' Rob Lawson, business development manager, and Matias Navarro, manager of Marketing and Strategic Market Development.
Digital optimization solutions such as Veolia's AQUAVISTA™ Plant allow the full orchestra of all the facility’s equipment to play tunefully together, leading to facility-wide and real-time optimization.
Read full article from World Water Magazine's March/April issue.