Drinking Water in the Pharmaceutical Industry

Challenges, regulations and solutions

Date : Thursday 23 September

Time :  15h Méx - 17h Arg

Webinar presented in Spanish

In some regions of Latin America, the properties of drinking water used as a supply source in production processes and Industry in general, suffer from unfavorable physical-chemical characteristics, the presence of various pollutants and mainly their availability, that is, water stress.

The challenge in the Industrial sectors such as pharmaceuticals, cosmetics and personal care, is to have potable water of acceptable quality and in the quantity that the sector requires. Optimizing consumption practices and processes.

In this webinar, Veolia Water Technologies will present technological alternatives in the treatment of drinking water and its process :

  • Is it possible to make water drinkable and reuse it in the Pharmaceutical Industry?
  • Is it possible to achieve up to 90% recovery in sanitary and / or pharmaceutical purified water generation systems?