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Industrial Case Studies


The Client

Navoi Power Plant
Auxiliary cooling water make-up (80m3/h) - Service water (10m3/h) - Demineralized water (200m3/h) - District heating water (400 m3h) - Inlet TSS ...

Uzbekistan – One of the biggest EPC contractors of  Turkey – ÇALIK ENERJİ, who is active not only in Turkey but also in CIS countries in the Energy sector has been awarded the contract to expand Navoi Thermal Power Station. Construction will  include the second CCGT, which will have a  capacity of 450-MW.

Veolia Water Technologies Turkey will provide its reliable solutions to ÇALIK ENERJİ for the supply of demineralized water, cooling water make-up and service water  for the power plant and also supply of heating water for the neighboring district.


The Client’s Needs

The plant has different process lines to supply different quality of water to be supplied both to the power plant and to the town. Client and end-user have already completed another CCPP Project (Navoi-Phase I CCPP) in the same region; and faced serious problems with clarification units due to seasonal fluctuation of pollution loads.


The Solution

An additional pre-clarification & equalization basin (Lamella settling pond) has been designed to handle peak TSS loads and fluctuations from the Zarafshan River. Lamella settling pond is followed by clarifiers, dual media filters, UF (ultra-filtration), RO (reverse osmosis) and mixed bed polishers for demineralized water production.
In addition to demineralized water production, tap-water will be treated via clarifiers and dual media filters for district heating (DH) water supply.

Process Description

For demineralized water production, water from the filtered water storage tank is pumped to UF unit. UF system is provided for the removal of bacteria and fine suspended solids.
Filtrate from the UF system is fed to the RO system which is envisaged for removal of dissolved solids, to the extent allowable in the demineralized system. Permeate from the RO system is led to the Mix-Bed Ion Exchangers for final polishing step so as to produce demineralized water.

For DH water production, the treatment steps are clarification and multi media filtration.

The project consists of a combined cycle heat and power plant with nominal capacity of 450-MW of electrical output and 200 Gcal/hr of heat output. The main fuel for the power plant shall be natural gas and HRSG supplementary duct firing has been envisaged. Air cooled condenser shall be considered for the condenser cooling system and wet cooling tower shall be considered for the closed cooling water system.
Water treatment plant, wherein water from Zarafshan River is used as source of raw water, has been envisaged for the proposed project. This water after treatment shall be mainly used for make-up for auxiliary cooling tower, service water requirement & demineralized water requirement of the plant. Demineralized water shall be used to cater requirement of power plant for make-up to the power cycle, closed cycle cooling water (CCCW) make-up, chemical feed system, sampling system. Potable water supply line will be connected to the town water directly. The same town water will be used for DH system make-up after necessary treatment.


Flow Diagram

Navoi Demin Water
Navoi Town Water Treatment