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Municipal Case Studies

A new wastewater treatment facility to meet quality requirements and improve a seaside resort ecological environment

Qingdao EB-WW Wastewater Company Ltd

The client’s needs

In 2008, China hosted summer Olympic Game in Beijing and in 6 other Chinese cities. The city of Qingdao, a seaside resort of 2,3 million of inhabitants situated in the southeast of Beijing, was chosen for the nautical events. In preparation of the competition, the municipality wanted to improve the quality of th bay water and the city environmental performance. Indeed, since 1998, the wastewater treatment facility was only consisting of a primary treatment, which was insufficient to meet the quality requirements for discharging the outlet water to the ocean.

Our solution

Veolia Water Technologies was chosen to design and build the extension of the existing Qingdao plant.

The new wastewater treatment facility is divided into 3 main treatment steps to satisfy the output effluents standards :

  • A pre-treatement with screening and sand removal
  • A primary treatment with the MultifloTM clarification technology
  • A biological treatment with the BiostyrTM biofiltration technology to remove all pollution, both organic, nitrogenous and particulate compounds.

In order to treat the sludge, a dedicated treatment facility has been implemented.

The sludge digestion process combined with cogereneration enable the reduction of the sludge volume and biogas production. Thanks to a cogeneration system, the biogaz is transformed into energy which covers 65% of the plant energy needs.


The new wastewater treatment facility has increased the treatment capacity from 80 000 to 140 000 m3/day and the output effluents are meeting the quality standards. During the Olympic Game, the city presented a high quality and secure water for the competitions.

The sludge treatment facility has met has met the energy performance challenge of the city, by generating a green energy which limits the plant carbon footprint.

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