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Municipal Case Studies

A new wastewater treatment plant for renewable energy

The client’s needs

Located in the northwest of China, Urumqi is experiencing a rapid economic development since the 1990s. As a consequence, the water demand and the wastewater treatment needs of the region had considerably increased. The municipality wanted to modernize the Hedong wastewater treatment plant and to adapt it to the climate change challenges by minimizing its carbon footprint. They were also looking for alternaitive water resources, to reduce the pressure o local waer resources.

Our solution

Veolia Water Technologies was chosen to modernize the Hedong plant and to offer solutions to meet the environmental challenges.

The first step of the modernization allowed the wastewater treatment plant capacity to double.

To minimize the carbon footprint and improve the energy balance of the plant, a new sludge treatment facility enables to create value from it by producing energy and by a 30% reduction of their volume.

Indeed, 6 digesters treat 2,700 m3 of sludge every day and generate 1,000,000 m3 of biogas per month. A cogeneration system produces electricity and heat which cover the facility heating needs and up to 50% of its energetical needs.

The treated wastewater is reused for local irrigation purposes, reducing the pressure on drinking water resource.


The wastewater treatment plant has doubled its capacity, from 200 000 to 400 000m3/day. With the green energy recovered from the sludge, the plant has has taken a step closer to its energy self sufficiency. Thus, the plant has reduced its dependency on fossil resources in a long term, with a reliable biogas production, and its carbon footprint with 80% of Co2 emissions saved.

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