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Municipal Case Studies

Reclaimed water for industrial reuse

Agencia Catalana del Agua (ACA), Camp de Tarragona, Spain

In Spain’s Tarragona province, on the mediterranean coast, the catalan water agency is a public company responsible for the water supply and water treatment in Catalonia.

The client’s needs

The region had been relying on water transfers from the Ebro river to meet domestic and industrial consumption needs for decades, but increasing demand had outpaced the supply system capacity. To face the water shortage our client decided the reuse of high quality reclaimed water from two nearby urban wastewater treatment plants (WWTP Tarragona and WWTP Vila Seca-Salou) to supply industries. This supply would replace the river water thus releasing this volume for drinking water supply to the population.

Our solution

Veolia Water Technologies designed and built the Camp de Tarragona water reclamation plant. This tertiary treatment facility receives treated water from the 2 wastewater treatment plants.
The water undergoes advanced tertiary treatment including:

  • Actiflo® Disc, our enhanced physico-chemical pretreatment solution, integrating the ACTIFLO™ coagulation-flocculation and ballasted settling process followed by HYDROTECH Discfilter® (microscreen filtration)
  • A two stage filtration system (gravity and pressure filtration) : this pretreatment was selected for its efficiency in removing high concentration of total suspended solids from raw water (secondary effluent).
  • Reverse osmosis treatment operated in a double pass configuration to ensure compliance with  the industrial customers’ requirement of a low level of ammonia
  • ​UV disinfection implemented at the end of the process line, before distribution to customers, in compliance with Spanish regulations for industrial applications.

The reclaimed water is then pumped to the South and the North industrial estates of Camp de Tarragona. It’s mostly used for cooling towers supply (about 70%) and for process water (about 30%).


This tertiary treatment  plant, which began operating in October 2012 is currently operated  via a JV between AITASA (Aguas Industriales de Tarragona) and Veolia for the Catalunya Water Agency.
Today, the plant produces 19 000 m3/d of high quality reclaimed water for industrial use.
Two extension phases are planned in the future to meet the increasing demand from industrials.
Once the three phases completed, the tertiary treatment facility will provide around 2,300 m3/h of reclaimed water to the industries, which represents 65% of total reuse water.

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