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Municipal Case Studies

Water reclamation to reduce pressure on drinking water demand

Sydney Water corporation, Illawarra, Australia

Sydney Water  is a New South Wales Government–owned statutory corporation that provides drinking water, waste water and stormwater services to Greater Metropolitan Sydney.

The client’s needs

At the beginning of the project , wastewater from the Illawarra region was receiving treatment at three separate facilities –Wollongong, Port Kembla and Bellambi.  Because this coastal region  had to face water quality issues at a number of beaches, particularly those near these Bellambi, Wollongong and Port  Kembla sewage treatment plants, the Illawarra Wastewater Strategy has been commissioned  to deliver water quality improvements. In a context of regional climate variations and enhancement of water scarcity, Sydney Water Corporation also had to find high quality alternative water resources to provide to their industrial customers in order to decrease pressure on the drinking water demand in the region.

Our solution

Veolia Water Technologies was contracted by Sydney Water Corporation to design, build and provide operational advice for upgrading the 3 wastewater treatment plants to serve 300,000 residents and to build a new  Wastewater  Recycling  Plant.

The scope of the projects included : the  upgrade and augmentation of Wollongong STP by moving to full tertiary treatment with the Actiflo® high rate clarification technology and UV disinfection ; the conversion of existing Bellambi and Port Kembla plants to storm sewage treatment plants and the construction of a water reclamation plant at Wollongong STP.

To meet the quality standards, the water reclamation plant combines :

  • BioDenipho ™ to remove the biological nitrogen and the phosphorus
  • Sand filtration
  • UV disinfection prior to discharge or  Continuous Membrane filtration and reverse osmosis to recycle


The city of Wollongong has one of the most advanced coastal water reclamation plants in the world, recycling 200,000m3/d of sewage in high quality water for reuse by BlueScope Steel at Port Kembla, and offering the best possible outcome for the ocean environment and beaches. This project will return the picturesque Bellambi Headland to the public for recreational use. It  is  one  of  the  largest  wastewater  reuse  facilities  in  Australia,  equipped  with  the dual environmental benefits of decreasing ocean wastewater discharge volume by 40%, and decreasing the use of potable water in the steel-making process by more than 60%.

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