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Municipal Case Studies

Packaged drinking water plant solutions to rapidly produce potable water

SEEG, Bitam, Gabon

La Société des Eaux et Energie du Gabon, operated by Veolia, is in charge of developing Gabonese access to potable water and electricity. These missions are carried out as part of the strategic plan « Emerging Gabon » for which Veolia is commited. 

The client’s needs

The SEEG wanted to double the drinking water production capacity of the Bitam plant with a packaged drinking water plant of the same type as the existing one, to obtain an homogeneous facility. A rapid implementation was one of the plant refurbishment conditions, to minimize the production cuts during the construction stage.

Our solution

Veolia Water Technologies was chosen to build the expansion of the Bitam drinking water plant.
In order to answer the compacity and rapid implementation obligations, the packaged drinking water plant OpascepTM Pack 100 system was selected.
This system is delivred ready-to-use on site and combines, on the same frame, all the necessary treatment steps to produce potable water : coagulation flocculation, lamella settling, sand filtration and final disinfection.


With the new packaged drinking water plant, the treatment capacity of the modular Bitam plant went from 100 to 200 m3/day. 

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