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Municipal Case Studies

Reverse osmosis desalination to reduce pressure on water ressources

Acuamed, Campo de Dalias plant, Almeria, Spain

Acuamed is the public water agency of the Spanish Environmental Ministry. They have launch the « PROGRAMA AGUA » which aims to drive a water policy reorientation in Spain to face the water shortages and drought conditions in the southeast of the country. The Campo de Dalias plant is a part of this program.

The client’s needs

The client wanted a new drinking water plant for human consumption and irrigation purposes for this area, compliant with the water sustainability commitment of the Spanish Ministry of Environment.  The aim was to reduce the water collected from aquifers and facilitate the natural regeneration of them.

Our solution

Veolia Water Technologies offered a solution of design and build reverse osmosis desalination plant, enabling to exploit a new water resource. 
It is composed of 3 treatment phases :

  • Pre-treatment : the seawater is filtrated through a 40 dualfilters system to ensure a good enough water quality upstream to the Reverse Osmosis.
  • Reverse osmosis desalination : the first step, composed of 6 production lines, is combined with an energy recovery system that recovers up to 95% of the energy. The second step, also composed of 6 lines, reduces the water boron level.
  • ​Remineralization et UV disinfection : the step guarantees a final product fitting with human consumption and agricultural irrigation


Campo de Dalias reverse osmosis desalination plant has a production capacity of 97,200 m3/day of potable water, which makes it the fourth biggest seawater desalination plant in Spain. This plant was conceived to fit perfectly in the coastal landscape and solar panels were installed to reduce the plant energy consumption, in addition to the energy recovery system.

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