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Mobile RO water plant, France

Mobile RO Water Plant

The Client

Mobile RO Water France
Ultrapure water from river water - RO production before IX plant to increase demineralized plant cycle -Plug and play complete system with all an...

 France – A large energy provider in Europe owns multiple nuclear reactors in France. In order to extend the power plant’s life, a huge refurbishing is under way to enable production to last 20 more years.


The Client’s Needs

Veolia Mobile Water Services received an enquiry from the client in October 2017 for demineralised water production during a refurbishment period of the local demineralisation plant’s system.

The inlet river water pretreatment plant was involved in this refurbishment: especially sand filters, regeneration chemical dosing and main inlet pipe. The need was to treat temporarily water coming from the river.

Project & Technology Solutions

 Using Veolia Mobile Water Services assets MOFI UF, MORO 4x24T, MOPS we supplied and commissioned the system to meet customer requirements:
  • MOPS pumping units: To collect water from the river.
  • MOFI-UF: Ultra Filtration unit to clean water from suspended solids at 0,1μm filtration threshold.
  • 70 m3 tank + MOPS to collect UF water and to backwash MOFI UF.
  • MORO 4x24T: Mobile Reverse Osmosis (RO) trailer providing >95% rejection of ions from the water source. RO water was injected in the client’s demineralisation plant in order to multiply its production by more than 10 between regenerations.
  • Process Capacity: Veolia’s Mobile Water Services produce continuously 100 m3/h of 20μS/cm RO water running 24 hours a day during 10 days with survey of our engineers
  • Quality: Technical staff specially qualified and trained for power plants and with the capacity to work on customer’s site.


Emergency rental

Continuity for any production cycle is essential. In the case of an emergency, Veolia’s Mobile Water Services can mobilize and send to your site a temporary water treatment system within a trailer or container. This can normally be with you in less than 24 hours, freight time dependent. This will either replace or supplement your existing water treatment facility and if required a Veolia engineer will operate the equipment. In addition, Veolia’s Mobile Water Services offers to its customers the PreAct service. This is a comprehensive survey of your water treatment plant to develop a Site Response Pack in the event of an unplanned incident happening. If you are required to call us this ensures the correct equipment and ancillary items are delivered to produce treated water in the fastest possible time.

Planned temporary hire

Planned temporary Veolia’s Mobile Water Services are typically used for new plant commissioning applications such as steam blowing, chemical filling, temporary production of extra water, maintenance outages etc. Mobile operations may be planned in advance of the requirement, typically contracts may last from one week to 12 months.

Long-term contract

Thanks to our full on-site service, temporary hire contracts can move to long term contracts (multiple years) if required.
Veolia Water Technologies has developed Mobile Water Services based upon our experience of the needs within the industrial water treatment market. Our aim is to provide our clients with security of supply of this important resource and to allow them to focus on their core business. Veolia offers a complete range of technologies and services to meet emergency, planned or long term treated water needs. Some key features are:
  • Large fleet of trailers and containers
  • Full assistance and availability
  • High flow rates capacity solutions
  • Continuous production
  • ReAct preventive service
  • Pure water production & Wastewater treatment: clarification, disc filtration, dissolved air flotation, evaporation, filtration, ion exchange, MBR, reverse osmosis, sea water desalination, softening, ultrafiltration and more.