6 july 2018


100% recovery of the wastewater generated

The client
Zimmer Orthopaedics manufacture products that restore mobility, alleviate pain and improve the quality of life for patients around the world. In order to produce products of the highest possible quality Zimmer rely on a continual supply of Purified Water at every stage of their production. Zimmer has operations in more than 24 countries around the world and sells products in more than 100 countries.
The needs
With increased demand for their products world-wide, a new manufacturing facility required a dedicated water solution that would not only ensure a highly efficient and sustainable supply of Purified Water that would also be innovative and adaptable to meet the facility’s growing needs.
In May 2011 an agreed design was in-place that would see a single-unit Recovery RO (Reverse Osmosis) solution being added to the Pure Water infrastructure that is today recovering 100% of the waste water generated. 75% of this is sent back once again to begin the purification cycle as raw water; the remaining 25% is re-used within the plant for other services.
The solution
Zimmer MegaRO
This solution is comprised of an RO Concentrate Recovery System consisting of a 2,000L Polypropylene Concentrate Tank, a booster pump and a MegaRO™ unit. The waste produced by the MegaRO™ unit is further treated using UV sterilising technology enabling it to be used in alternative applications by the customer.
The MegaROTM Mk2 reverse osmosis systems produces high purity water, removing up to 98% of dissolved inorganic and over 99% of large dissolved organics, colloids and particles.
The system has been standardised and optimised in order to fulfil the essential demands of the relevant applications and minimise operating costs. With its high output, low energy membranes it achieves a desalination rate of about 96 to 98% and at the same time, a water recovery of 100%.
The results
  • > 100% Water Recovery
  • > Water footprint reduction
  • > Adaptable to meet the facility’s growing need
The success of our company and our products is built upon a spirit of innovation. We are constantly striving to do things differently and as such we demand this same progressive thinking from our business partners and suppliers. Veolia Water Technologies have proven themselves to be highly capable in the area of Pure Water solutions and what is more, their forward thinking with regard to ‘Green Solutions’ creates ideal synergies between our two teams. The net result of this project has led to sustainable
development and on-going financial savings” Michael Finn, Facility Manager, Zimmer Orthopaedics Manufacturing.