13 december 2016

Woodlands Dairy

Anaerobic Resource Recovery Facility

Woodlands Dairy, 1000+ people, is one of the largest manufacturers of UHT milk in South Africa, marketed under the brand FIRST CHOICE®. Woodlands Dairy is a local, Eastern Cape processor of farm fresh milk, who produces and packages high quality dairy products. Dairy farming methods should not only have a minimal impact on the environment but should also be animal friendly and boost public support for dairy farming.

Key Figures

• High COD loading: ~15 ton COD/day

• Growing effluent demand

• Long-chain organics present in effluent

Key Figures

• Achieving plant effluent concentrations below municipal standards
• > 95% conversion

The challenge
Veolia Water Technologies South Africa (Pty) Ltd was awarded the contract by Woodlands Dairy (Pty) Ltd to provide a viable processing solution for their growing process effluent stream. The facility contains a milk sterilisation and packaging plant as well as a cheese factory. All process effluent is sent to a combined effluent sump.
The Solution
Veolia Water Technologies proposed a resource recovery plant (RRP) capable of processing 1.5 MLD, which will later be upgraded to 2 MLD. The RRP will make use of Biothane’s state of the art Memthane® technology, capable of removing >95% of effluent COD.
A piloting study was performed to provide an effluent specific treatment facility, ensuring product performance and client satisfaction.

Effluent specifications


Feed rate

1500 m3/d




10 g/l

COD load

15 t/day