5 july 2018

A volatile pharmaceuticals company gets a cost-effective remote monitoring solution

The client

Our client is an industry-leading contract manufacturer that specialises in handling volatile pharmaceuticals.

The needs

A new ORION™ water treatment system was installed by Veolia Water Technologies to upgrade the client’s existing plant, which, in the near future wouldn’t meet the required pharmaceutical standards. As part of this project, the client also wanted to address a number of logistical problems; firstly, the plant room was in an isolated location, making routine monitoring by staff inconvenient, and secondly, remote monitoring via their existing business management system (BMS) was difficult to manage and not straightforward.

The solution

Veolia Water Technologies recommended its AQUAVISTA™ digital services platform, which is specifically tailored to the client’s requirements, offering real-time, 24/7 monitoring and direct access via a secure, private portal using a smartphone, tablet or PC. A bespoke control panel was also installed and fitted with a paperless chart recorder, to automatically capture data trends allowing engineers to use their time more efficiently.
The platform supports improved asset management and performance, leading to optimised efficiency, lower operational costs and reduced chemical and energy consumption. In addition, intelligent tools use the data to help minimise manual maintenance, as well as costly downtime and non-compliant events, by supporting a proactive, data-driven approach to plant management.

The results

AQUAVISTA™ overcame the difficulties associated with the plant room’s isolated location and integrating the existing BMS, providing a cost-effective, remote monitoring solution. The system is easy to manage and can be accessed by multiple engineers, who are automatically notified of any plant alerts and alarms.
The alarms are colour-coded using a traffic light system to reflect the urgency of response required and are also copied to Veolia’s technical support team, which helps Veolia to support, manage and optimise plant performance, maximise uptime and maintain production. In addition, a consistent data history will provide a good foundation for moving to predictive maintenance within a 12 month timeframe, supporting improved safety, mitigating critical issues and, ultimately, leading to better customer service and further efficiencies.

  • Remote monitoring of new water treatment platform; Anytime, Anywhere, and from Any Device
  • Direct access to engineers via Smartphone, tablet or PC, complementing manual control 
  • Automatic and programmed alerts enable fast responses and improved operational efficiency and maintenance 
  • ​Data collection supports process optimisation and predictive maintenance to mitigate critical issues