5 july 2018

Empower your cooling tower operations

By 2030 the world population is expected to increase from 7.3 to 8.3 billion (, meaning the world’s population will need at least 35 percent more food, 40 percent more water and 50 percent more energy.

Water and energy scarcity issues across the globe are increasing pressure on industries to reduce reliance on fresh water sources and to conserve water through enhanced efficiency, such as in cooling operations. It is key for these industries and public services to maintain efficient cooling towers production to providing cool water for manufacturing, electrical power generation and air conditioning.

Aware of these stakes, Veolia Water Technologies is consolidating its expertise to provide a state of the art solution to its clients and partners in order to guarantee cooling tower production efficiency.

Digital will play a key role to allow these industries to better manage their cooling tower operations and to comply with regulations. 


With a dedicated digital strategy for Cooling Tower, Veolia Water Technologies has launched new value added services for Cooling Towers to help customers and partners deliver profitable growth; to transform their challenges into new opportunities.
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