17 october 2017

Sur Extension

An addition to the first independent desalination project in Oman.

Sur Extension

Since September 2016, the city of Sur, located in the South-East of the Sultanate of Oman, has increased its production capacity and is now able to supply drinking water to almost 600,000 inhabitants. The Sur Desalination Plant, in service since 2009 has been expanded to reach a total production of 29 MIGD (131,800 m3/day).
The expansion project, awarded in 2014 to SIDEM, is an Independent Water Project (IWP) developed on a Build-Own-Operate (BOO) basis by Sharqiyah Desalination Company (SDC) and is located next to the existing reverse osmosis plant. The additional water capacity produced by the expansion project will help in meeting the projected demand for potable water in the Sharqiyah region.
Pretreatment innovation
Contrary to the first Sur Desalination Plant, which pumps seawater from beachwells, the expansion plant draws seawater through a 700 meter pipe equipped with passive screens, cleaned daily with an air blast system. Pretreatment consists of Veolia’s patented Dissolved Air Floatation system, Spidflow®, followed by an innovative combination of dual media pressure filter and cartridge filters. This feature helped in reducing the footprint of the pretreatment.
The Spidflow® units protect the plant from the natural algal blooms event, also known as red-tides, therefore guaranteeing maximum plant availability throughout the year. Outside of these exceptional events, they also bring substantial relief to the operation of the pressured filters by removing a significant part of suspended solids as concentrated
sludge, ready to be dewatered.
Reverse osmosis system
The prepared seawater is treated in a onepass reverse osmosis stage. The brine’s energy is recovered using high-efficiency isobaric pressure exchangers before being blended with the first plant’s brine and diffused to the sea. Thanks to a dedicated team of engineers, the performance-oriented design of the plant succeeded to reduce the energy consumption of the expansion plant down to only 3.2 kWh/m3.
The permeate produced is then sent to the existing post-treatment for mixing, remineralization and final disinfection.

M&C filtration: a compact pretreatment solution for RO Reducing SWRO pretreatment footprint
Sur Extension RO

SWRO membranes are highly sensitive to variations in water quality and require pretreated water with high water quality and low solids content. A raw water pretreatment system upstream of a RO unit is indispensable as it prevents the risk of membrane clogging and ensures its durability.
To successfully deal with the worse seawater quality and feed the RO membranes with consistently good water quality, removing high turbidity and suspended solids particles, Veolia Water Technologies has combined Media filtration and Cartridge filtration technologies on the same pressure vessel.
This unique and compact solution bundles into one metallic work structure the advantages of two proven processes: high rate pressurized filtration and cartridge filters for fine removal.


M&C Filtration

M&C filtration is installed in Oman Sur SWRO Plant Extension.

Advantages of Combined Pressurized Filtration + CF
The combination of these two processes means benefiting from the beast features of each, thereby offering:
  • Robustness to deal with any water quality and low sensitivity to variations in parameters;
  • High removal efficiency of suspended solids, turbidity and SDI15;
  • Combination of the best filtration barriers to dissolved organic with biomass developing on the media bed, making it an excellent protection system by reducing risk of membrane biofouling;
  • A reduced footprint, allowing CF to be installed directly in the DMPF vessel for treatment plants of medium sizes;
  • A CAPEX saving for medium SWRO plant by reducing piping between filters/CF, pipe rack for CF support isolation valve numbers, civil and installation costs;
  • Low OPEX: high water recovery with media filtration with minimum water losses, low chemical requirements, low CF replacement rate and an overall low energy consumption;
  • Full planning control: concerted design and procurement on metallic manufacturing based on SIDEM’s strong expertise;
  • An easy access for maintenance & replacement of cartridge filters, direct access by the top platform to unscrew the CF top plate and allow guidance of CF basket inside the vessel
MIGD: Million Imperial Gallon per Day -
M&C: Media and Cartridge Filters -
SWRO: Sea Water Reverse Osmosis
RO: reverse osmosis - CF: Cartridge Filters - DMPF: Dual Media Pressure Filter