9 july 2018

PISA Pharmaceutical

The biggest purified water generation system to PISA Pharmaceutical in MEXICO


Ones again, PISA Pharmaceutical choose VEOLIA to cover a new demand for purified water to supply Electrolit® processes. PISA built a new building, which will concentrate the Electrolit® production.
Electrolit® is a rehydrating oral solution indicated to treat and prevent hydroelectrolytic imbalance caused by excessive heat, intense physical exercise, vomiting and diarrhea, in patients older than 6 years of age. Packaging on Plastic bottle with 300 ml, 625 ml and 1150 ml. The solution considers the following filtration cascade, starting with the Ultrafiltration process, for the removal of particulate matter and from the well water dragging, which includes the “Clean In Place – CIP”. Subsequently, we treat by Reverse Osmosis system, in order to reduce the dissolved salts and high Silica contents present in the supply water. This is considered a Pretreatment for the sanitary package system, RO-CEDI, based on SPA platform, sanitary system platform with hot water sanitization, which will produce 75,000 lph of purified water.
Our differentiator is in the strict compliance with the National and American Pharmacopoeia, plus the high commitment of the project team with a timely delivery, exceeding the technical and assistance expectations.
The client can count on a documentary support compliant with section 21 CFR part 11, according FDA. Therefore, they will have a reliable documentary evidencing, before any auditing entity, ensuring the high quality in one of their critical processes, such as the purified water.