5 october 2017


An exemplary wastewater treatment plant in Marquette-lez-Lille, France

Ovilléo Marquette

A rising urban population increases wastewater production. Cleaning wastewater requires appropriate technologies which are tailormade, reliable and energy efficient. The challenge is to offer the best technologies for improving wastewater treatment while using resources more efficiently.
This challenge was fully met by OTV, a Veolia Water Technologies subsidiary, when it designed and built, in only four year, a new wastewater treatment plant in Marquette-Lez-Lille called Ovilléo. Cutting-edge techniques were used for water and sludge treatment, and particular care was given to the sustainability of the design.
An efficient and promising sludge treatment line
New and promising technologies have been implemented at Marquette-lez-Lille for the purpose of:
  • reducing the amount of digested sludge produced,
  • producing more biogas,
  • offering two reuse possibilities: in agriculture or cement plants.
Each treatment step was designed with the aim of enhancing the job and reducing operations costs.
Optimizing the use of resources
  • Two separate treatment lines for wastewater and stormwater,
  • Some of the treated water is reused in the plant,
  • 30% more biogas produced thanks to the EXELYS® process,
  • Reduced amounts of sludge,
  • 94% of the plant's heating requirements are met through thermal recovery,
  •  O₂ consumption is regulated,
  • Automated control: Smart Building.
Improving environmental quality for residents
  • All industrial activities take place in closed buildings and the air is deodorized before being released,
  • Visitors are greeted by attractive architecture and plant walls,
  • An educational garden symbolizes biodiversity with the species planted there,
  • Green roof space limits stormwater runoff,
  • Visitor circuits are planned for schools and the general public (both indoors and out).