5 july 2018

New purified water and water for injection system for BAYER

Bayer Animal Health is one of the world’s leading producers and suppliers of animal health products.

The Client
Bayer Animal Health is one of the world’s leading producers and suppliers of animal health products. In New Zealand, Bayer Animal Health supplies a wide range of products for both livestock animals and companion animals.

The Needs

In the effort to continuously produce high-quality animal health medicines in New Zealand, Bayer commissioned a new water treatment plant at its Manukau production site, which was going through a series of upgrades.
The plant was designed and constructed by AB Mandal Pty Ltd, Pharmaceutical process engineers. Veolia Water Technologies was contracted to provide the equipment to produce purified water (PW), water for injection (WFI), and pure steam for the use in the manufacture of veterinary drug products. It meets the demanding requirements of the European Pharmacopeia, produces water suitable for human therapies and is the most advanced facility of its kind in New Zealand.

The Solution
Orion Bayer
Purified water is produced by the OrionTM 2000 system. The OrionTM 2000 is a single skid mountedsystem, including softeners, 5 micron filter, multi purpose tank, single pass Reverse Osmosis , and Continuous Electro Deionisation (CEDI). The RO and CEDI are hot water sanitised.
The resulting treated water is further refined and distilled to create Water For Injection (WFI) using a PolarisTM multiple effect still. PolarisTM produces WFI according to EP and USP, using an innovative falling film technology, that reduces energy costs and start up times. The same Polaris unit is also used to produce pyrogen free clean steam.

The Results

Veolia’s overall approach provided a well-designed and robust water treatment system that will ensure the treated water specification is met at all times.
Bayer New Zealand managing director Derek Bartlett says the new water treatment plant is a major leap for the production site. “Previously it would take about six hours to produce 2000 litres of Water For Injection. Now we can produce 2000 litres in one hour. We can now get high quality water whenever we want without any restrictions, which will impact positively on our production times.”
The packaged plant will also allow Bayer to reduce capital and ongoing operational costs and eliminate interface risks for both the Purified Water Generation and WFI generation plants.

Added value for the client

  • Minimising operating risks by ensuring water supply meets the required water standards
  • Saving costs through maximum steam and water efficiency
  • Local service support
  • Low carbon footprint and low energy usage