25 january 2017

Mobile water treatment anytime, anywhere

Fast Mobile Water Services.

Mobile truck

Veolia Water Technologies has strengthened its “Anytime, Anywhere” water treatment capabilities by adding 600 and 900  gallon per minute (GPM) Reverse Osmosis (RO) units to its extensive mobile water services fleet.

The new units join a fleet of portable trailers and containerized water and wastewater treatment solutions for temporary, emergency and long-term water treatment applications. By combining various technologies, Hydrex™ chemistries and field services, customers have the flexibility to choose a standalone mobile equipment rental or complete, integrated service. Current units in the US fleet are Reverse Osmosis, Actiflo® TURBO Clarification, Filtration, Softening and Demineralization.  

Potential applications served include physical and chemical separation for suspended solids, turbidity, hardness and metals; membrane separation and demineralization for TDS (total dissolved solids) reduction, specialty ion exchange and heavy metals removal.

According to Michael Reyes, Veolia’s Mobile Water Services National Sales Manager, the breadth of water treatment capabilities provides solutions for a variety of customer water needs including: short and long-term for planned maintenance and retrofits rental options for peak or seasonal demand supplement existing supplies delivering permanent solutions without requiring design/build construction emergency situations.

Reyes points to case study of a nuclear plant as an example of a targeted solution for a short-term, but highly problematic challenge of a local river threatening to contaminate the seal water main reactor clear well.

In this instance we deployed our mobile Actiflo TURBO Clarifier system to treat 250 GPM of excess river water followed by multi-media filtration. This was an ideal solution because it allowed the client to rent the system on a short-term basis until the flood was contained,” he explained.

The new mobile reverse osmosis rentals can operate in either single or double pass orientation, with flows ranging from 100  GPM up to 600 GPM. The systems are fully automated and come complete with CIP (clean-in-place) capabilities, to meet water purity requirements with a minimal amount of manpower.

The 900 GPM High Recovery RO technology relies upon a patented design and operating function to provide higher recoveries and higher permeate flux rates than traditional RO technology. Through a closed circuit recycling of the RO feedwater, the membranes are less susceptible to fouling by water impurities and are able to capture up to 95% as permeate, reducing needed pretreatment capacities and saving valuable water.