6 july 2018

Market Leading Pharmaceutical Company In Spain

Relies on us for the production of purified water, water for injection and maintenance service

Since 2004, the Spanish biotechnology center of one of the world’s largest pharmaceutical companies, has trusted the Spanish subsidiary of Veolia Water Technologies for the compendial water requirements.
The most recent project awarded to Veolia, in 2016, comprises two plants, one for the production of purified water and the other one for the production of water for injection that feeds a new freeze dryer manufacturing plant of their production plant. This lyophilization equipment allows water removal in medical solutions at low pressure and temperature. This water purification installation starts with the pretreatment of the raw water by means of filtration, duplex softening and chlorine reduction. Then, the pretreated water feeds an ORION™ system, which features the stages of reverse osmosis, continuous electrodeionization and UV disinfection. All this process is sanitisable with hot water at 85ºC to ensure the microbiological quality of treated water.
The ORION™ system has a production capacity of 2 cubic meters per hour of purified water. Part of the purified water is sent to distribution loops and the remaining flow feeds a POLARIS™ MED plant, which has a production capacity of 700 liters an hour of water for injection.
Polaris™ MED is part of Veolia’s family of distillation products. All Polaris™ solutions are designed in accordance with GAMP, cGMP, ISPE and FDA guidelines and meet the product quality specifications of all of the world’s major pharmacopeia, including the USP and Ph. Eur.
Water reuse to increase efficiency and reduce costs
The partnership with the Client started in 2004, when the first ORION™ system for 500 liters an hour of purified water production was installed. Six years later, the Client ordered the extension of this plant to 1,000 liters an hour and a new ORION™ system of the same capacity.
Additionally, the Client employs a reverse osmosis for water reuse. The rejected water from the reverse osmosis stage of the 3 ORION™ systems is treated and sent back to the inlet as raw water for the production of purified water. This allows the Client to increase the efficiency of the installation, reduce water costs and its water footprint. Today, all of the purified water and water for injection produced at this factory bears the Veolia Water Technologies seal. The Spanish team is also responsible of the design and installation of nearly all the distribution loops at the factory.
Providing maintenance service for the whole water cycle
Veolia’s Spanish team also provides Pfizer with 24/7 response service. The scope includes the predictive, preventive and corrective maintenance of the 3 ORION™ plants and the Polaris™ MED system, distribution loops, cold and hot water closed circuits, cooling  towers circuits as well as water for human consumption circuits, supplying also Hydrex™ water treatment chemicals. Additionally, since January 2018, Veolia also provides operation and maintenance service to the Client’s wastewater treatment plant that treats the
pharmaceutical effluents.
The reference in the Pharmaceutical Industry
With more than 35 years experience in the market, the Pharmaceutical team in the Spanish subsidiary of Veolia Water Technologies has gained vast experience and great knowledge of the market and clients’ specific needs. This know-how, together with the most advanced technological offer and greatest service capabilities, allows Veolia to make the most professional and competitive offer in the market, backed by a highly qualified team.
In Spain and Portugal, Veolia is responsible for a significant number of installations with major pharmaceutical and cosmetics companies, reinforcing Veolia’s renown for the production, distribution and maintenance of process water and wastewater treatment systems in this sector. Among its clients, Veolia is trusted by Pfizer, Boehringer Ingelheim, Merck, Nivea, Rovi, Normon, Lilly, Basi, Labesfal, Novartis, Hipra, Esteve Quimica, Syva and L’Oreal just to mention some of them.
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