6 july 2018


Reliable neutralization of highly fluctuating wastewater volumes

The client
Linhardt GmbH & Co. KG produces products for manufacturers in the pharmaceutical, cosmetics, food and consumer goods sectors. The company develops and produces high- quality tubes, cans and other packaging made of aluminum and plastic at three German and two international sites.
The Requirement
Linhardt required an operationally reliable concept for construction of a fully automated treatment plant for neutralization of wastewater from production. The amount of wastewater varies greatly, depending on different cleaning processes. Nevertheless, the new neutralization plant had to be able to reliably meet the requirements for wastewater discharge at the site. Wastewater produced during production is passed from the washing plant to the neutralization plant at a pH of about 10 and approximately 45 ˚C. The average amount of water is 10 m3/h, the hydraulic peak power is 20 m3/h.
The Solution
Veolia Water Technologies Germany developed an economic and fully automated two-stage plant for continuous neutralization. The wastewater is fed into the neutralization tank. An upstream surge water tank absorbs wastewater accumulating at the top and buffers it, then ensuring a uniform, continuous supply of wastewater to the neutralization tank. Wastewater is neutralized via pH-value control by the addition of hydrochloric acid.
A pH end controller ensures that the parameters for sewerage are met. Wastewater parameters are documented by an automatic recorder. The plant has been operating successfully since 2016.

  • Reliable treatment of highly fluctuating wastewater volumes
  • ​Fully automated operation due to the compact SIMATIC S7-1200 controller
  • Cost-effective plant