24 january 2017

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Sustainability at the Heart of the TRX project.

TRX Kuala Lumpur

With growing demands from agriculture and energy production, as well as diminishing supply due to climate changes and reduced rainfall, water is quickly becoming a scarce resource with no alternative substitute. In light of this water stress, awareness has been growing towards the notion of water reuse. Although it is not a new concept, water reuse only started to garner more public interest in recent years, offering a way out in a world where water is increasingly in short supply.

Veolia Water Technologies, an established environmental company specializing in technological solutions, and provides the complete range of services required to design, build, maintain and upgrade water and wastewater treatment facilities for industrial clients and public authorities was appointed to provide a wastewater treatment and reclamation plant for the prestigious Tun Razak Exchange (TRX) Project in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. In addition to being the first fully integrated commercial water reclaim programme in Southeast Asia, the TRX Project is also one of Veolia’s most significant global reference for sustainable development.

Mohammad Akhir Ahmad, Managing Director for Operations & Maintenance in South East Asia at Veolia Water Technologies, shared, “With water scarcity threats looming above our heads, proactive water strategies have to be taken immediately. The TRX Project showcases Veolia’s recycled water technologies, and our ability to achieve high water recovery rates for the project. Resource planning is one of our fortes, and we identified an opportunity in the TRX Project that Veolia could contribute to.”

TRX: Designed in Accordance with the Highest Environmental Standards
Set in the heart of Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, the TRX Project is an iconic 70-acre development poised to be the new world-class financial district that encompasses investment grade ‘A’ office space and includes residential, hospitality, retail, leisure, and cultural offerings. TRX is also built in line to support the Greater KL/Klang Valley, one of the National Key Economic Areas under the Malaysian government’s Economic Transformation Programme (ETP) - an initiative to support the government’s vision of transforming Malaysia into a highincome nation by 2020.

As Malaysia’s new international finance and trading hub, the TRX Project is designed in accordance with the highest environmental standards, and the development will focus keenly on water reuse. The TRX is the first development in the country to achieve multiple accreditations, including the Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) Gold Certification in the “Neighbourhood Development Plan” category, as certified by the United States of America Green Building Council, and the first township level Green Building Index (GBI) Platinum Certification in Malaysia, issued by the Malaysia Green Building Index Accreditation Panel.

Creating Value Through Responsible and Sustainable Solutions
For the TRX Project, Veolia aims to recover at least 80% of the expected 3.8 million cubic meters (m3) of sewage generated every year for reuse purposes within the TRX district. The reclaimed water will count towards reducing site-wide fresh water demand by more than 50%, exceeding International Best Practice standards of 40% reduction in potable water.

To deliver the results that TRX wanted, Veolia proposed a redundant system with five wastewater solutions for maximum value to the client. Described by Briggs as being compact, robust, and straightforward, the technologies that Veolia recommended for the TRX Project include the Multifo™ settler, AnoxKaldnes™ Moving Bed Biofilm Reactor (MBBR) technology, Hydrotech® Discfilters, Alizair® deodorization treatment, as well as Endetec’s Tecta and Kapta units.

The primary wastewater treatment solution for the TRX Project is Multiflo™, an efficient process for removing total suspended solids (TSS), color, algae, and heavy metals. The technology produces a highly concentrated and thickened sludge required for the wastewater treatment process. The discharge then enters the MBBR tank, which stabilizes discharge quality while it removes chemical oxygen demand (COD), biochemical oxygen demand (BOD), and nitrogen present in the wastewater.

Alizair® deodorization treatment is also incorporated to ensure the complete removal of unpleasant emissions. As the wastewater treatment plant will be built within the TRX district, Veolia integrated a biofilter that would oxidize malodorous substances into inorganic and odorless compounds.

Veolia also included a smart water network comprising two unique technologies – Endetec’s Tecta and Kapta units – to ensure microbiological security, arming TRX with the best water quality management system in Malaysia.

Briggs elaborated, “The Tecta unit provides accurate microbiological platform testing onsite, which is the most efficient way of monitoring contamination. On the other hand, the Kapta system, a miniaturized inline multi-parameter water sensor probe for real-time continuous potable water monitoring, has had good applications in municipal networks, and the TRX Project will be Veolia’s first Kapta application in Southeast Asia. In keeping with TRX’s objective to establish a state-of-theart green business facility, Veolia was careful to put together wastewater solutions such as Alizair®, which is ecological in nature. The low electricity and chemical consumption of our solutions were also factors that matched TRX’s long term sustainability goals seamlessly.”

A Greener KL
Although Veolia is under obligation to recover at least 80% of TRX’s sewage, the global provider is able to recycle 100% of the wastewater – excluding sludge wastage – going above and beyond TRX’s demands. “Veolia’s innovative water and wastewater technologies are capable of going the extra mile to provide our client with more value,” Akhir stated. “Regardless of the water consumption demand, Veolia will be able to replace 50% of that water demand with reclaimed water, fully supporting TRX as they continue to integrate sustainability practices within their infrastructure. The TRX Project is particularly meaningful for Veolia as its strong environmental beliefs speak volumes to us.”

Sharing his conviction that TRX will be the catalyst to transform future developments in Malaysia, Briggs concluded, “With Veolia’s proprietary water and wastewater technologies, the TRX Project looks set to achieve its goal of being the first green development in Peninsular Malaysia.