5 october 2017

Hong Kong

The world's largest sludge incineration plant

The sludge treatment plant built by Veolia in Hong Kong is much more than just an industrial site: it is a truly environmentally friendly complex.
Built for the energy efficient treatment of sludge from 11 wastewater treatment plants in this region with 7.2 million inhabitants, the plant is completely autonomous in water and energy. Using Veolia's Pyrofluid™, sludge weight will be reduced by 90% through incineration and residues will be buried in landfills, whereas today all sludge goes to landfills.
The plant's installed capacity makes it the largest wastewater sludge incineration unit in the world. Sludge treatment produces over 14 MW of electricity which is more than the site needs to operate. The excess electricity produced is therefore distributed on the public network.
600 m3 of drinking water is produced every day by a sea water desalination plant on the site. This water is used by the ecological complex for its operational requirements.
A wastewater recycling circuit avoids discharging effluents into the sea.