9 december 2016

ElPozo Alimentación

A remarkable example of environmental sustainability


Based in the province of Murcia in the southeast of Spain, ElPozo Alimentación is a Spanish company with a 60-year track record in the market. Today, ElPozo meat products reach a market of over one billion potential clients in more than 80 countries, making it one of the leading companies in the sector, both in Spain and internationally. Year after year, ElPozo has increased its market share and in 2014 it was the brand with the highest consumption figures in Spain, with a turnover of around €950 million.
ElPozo Alimentación is firmly committed to the environment and sustainable development. Proof of this commitment is the company’s investment of over €11.5 million in a number of wastewater treatment initiatives and projects aimed at reducing emissions through energy recovery.
Veolia Water Technologies (VWT) has provided a response to these water treatment needs by offering sustainable, efficient technological solutions that increase process performance whilst embodying the company’s commitment to the environment.

Water partners since 2003.

From process water, wastewater and
sludge treatment to energy efficiency
and water reuse.

In wastewater…
In 2003, VWT was awarded a turnkey project for the Industrial Wastewater Treatment Plant (WWTP) at ElPozo Alimentación’s production facility in Alhama de Murcia. The industrial WWTP was designed for a treatment capacity of 6,000 m3/day and 23,880 kg COD/day, a pollution load corresponding to a population equivalent of 200,000 inhabitants. The treatment process consists of an activated sludge facility including the BIO-DENIPHO™ technology for the removal of organic matter, phosphorus and nitrogen.
…in process water…
In 2005, VWT supplied two reverse osmosis units with a total capacity of 4,000 m3/day for the production of water to feed the steam boiler and the evaporative condensers, as well as for other uses at the factory. Since these units went into operation, VWT has also been entrusted with the provision of technical assistance and Hydrex® chemical products
(antiscalants, products for plant cleaning and maintenance). At the end of 2015, VWT was awarded a further contract to supply a 2,000 m3/day reverse osmosis unit to cover
additional production requirements.
…for sludge treatment… 
In 2011, ElPozo Alimentación once again placed its trust in VWT for the remodeling of the wastewater pretreatment to deal with higher organic loading resulting from the increase in the activity production, which went from 8,000 to 12,000 pigs processed per day. The work also included enlarging the sludge line through the construction of two 3,050 m3 anaerobic digesters and the installation of a cogeneration system for the production of 800 kW of electricity for self-consumption at the WWTP and 400 kW of thermal energy to heat the sludge during the digestion process, without the need for any other fuel. The digesters also enable a reduction of 45% in sludge volumes, with consequent cost savings in sludge treatment and final disposal.
… and for energy valorisation
At the end of 2014, with the aim of maximizing the use of the biogas produced in the anaerobic digesters, VWT undertook the task of modifying the gas line at the industrial WWTP to enable the excess biogas produced at the plant to be exploited. Some of the biogas is used to heat the sludge in the digesters and the remainder is sent to a new boiler to generate 5,000 kg/h of steam.
The scope of the contract also encompassed extending the piping network, and installing a new gas flare as well as a new biogas desulphurization unit including VWT’s Sulfothane™ technology, as a preventive measure to protect the facilities against corrosion.
Towards a circular economy
In addition to energy valorization – and consequently, a reduction of the carbon footprint of the factory - ElPozo Alimentación and VWT have also undertaken a number of water reuse initiatives. These actions have enabled the reduction of water consumption per pig processed, achieving one of the lowest ratio sector in Europe.
Veolia Water Technologies has become the leading partner for companies which, like ElPozo Alimentación, are committed to sustainable development. VWT offers such companies solutions ranging from the treatment of process water, wastewater and sludge to solutions aimed at reducing water consumption and increasing energy efficiency,
in order to promote and work towards a circular economy.