15 may 2018


Inspired by the concept of blue economy


BlueKolding’s needs
For many years BlueKolding has prioritised and applied software solutions for capacity extension and operations optimisation for the entire sewerage system; from the sewer network to the wastewater treatment plants.
The aim is to maximise the use of the existing facilities and at the same time guarantee an optimum and compliant operation under all conditions, i.e. under dry and wet weather conditions. BlueKolding wishes to provide its staff with efficient tools to ensure a good overview of all the utility’s systems.
The AQUAVISTA™ Plant answers
In 2007, the aim for Agtrup WWTP was to improve the effluent quality and ensure operational savings. The result was 25% lower Total-N and a reduction of the chemical precipitant by 45%.
The introduction of integrated control of Agtrup WWTP and the sewer system in 2011 secured 80% higher hydraulic load at the plant and therefore reduced the costs of the planned basin extensions by 22% the costs of the planned basin extensions. At the same time, BlueKolding even managed to reduce the number of overflow events from approx. 35 to <10 per year thanks to Aquavista Plant.
In 2012 and 2013 three satellite WWTP’s were furnished with AQUAVISTA™ Plant. The purpose was to ensure a stable operation and maximise the operational savings by providing the staff with the relevant software for optimising the plants.
In 2017, BlueKolding extended its software solution on the new cloud platform AQUAVISTA™ Plant by the integrated control of Agtrup WWTP together with the sewer network for the City of Kolding as well as the three satellite WWTPs.
Over the years BlueKolding has experienced compliant operation under all conditions by active online control with far less manpower than is required for visits to the satellite plants.

The concrete benefits for BlueKolding

  • 25% less Total-N in effluent,
  • Precipitation in chemicals reduced by 45%,
  • Hydraulic capacity increased by 80%,
  • Overflow in catchment area reduced 45%.

“The AQUAVISTA™ Plant has helped us to lower the costs of our operations and helped us to have a better carbon footprint as well. And now it’s cloud-based and that means that our data security is on a very high level and that’s very important to us.” Per Holm, BlueKolding CEO.
Using AQUAVISTA™ Plant our processes are optimised, meaning that the plants produce compliant effluent at the lowest cost. A new function with Aquavista Plant is that we can programme ourselves. If we get a new sensor we can create a short control feature for it and afterwards we can discuss the feature with Veolia. I think that this is very interesting.” Karin Refsgaard, BlueKolding operations manager.
Innovation projects
Since the 2011 implementation, Veolia Water Technologies and BlueKolding have collaborated to develop various software solutions for intelligent use of a large amounts of data from the entire sewerage system, i.e. the sewer network and the treatment plants.
The latest innovation projects are from 2014 (SMARTGrid) and 2017 (BlueGrid). Both focus on energy-balance optimisation through utilisation of the basin volume in the catchment area as part of the active control strategy at the WWTPs.
AQUAVISTATM Plant is a real-time remote control and optimization of drinking water treatment plant, sewer network & wastewater treatment plant processes.
This holistic solution covers different objectives in different customer segments.
The main objectives, no matter the customer segment, are:
  • CAPEX savings/avoidance by additional hydraulic capacity
  • CAPEX savings/avoidance by additional biological capacity
  • OPEX savings by optimised operation
  • Compliance through stable operation, easier operation, created operator awareness and improved system understanding
Aquavista Plant covers different types of processes. The main processes covered, no matter the customer segment, are:
  • Aerobic wastewater treatment (municipal or industrial)
    > Activated sludge
    > Biofilters
    > MBBR
  • Anaerobic wastewater treatment (industrial)
    > UASB
  • Anaerobic sludge treatment
    > Digesters
Aquavista Plant is implemented across several countries with hundreds of plants already connected.

BlueKolding A/S

BlueKolding A/S Environment, energy and climate company covers the entire municipality of Kolding, Denmark. BlueKolding is constantly working to find new ways of utilising the resources in wastewater and improving processes for cleaning it. BlueKolding manages the treatment of 15 million m3 of wastewater for the city of Kolding and its surrounding area every year. 12 million m3 goes to Agtrup central wastewater treatment plant (WWTP).