16 may 2018

AQUAVISTA™ for a soft drink manufacturer

Portal, Insight & Assist

Food and Beverage companies currently face several challenges with water management, which is especially true concerning ingredient water used in the actual product. It is a key challenge to monitor in real-time the quality of their ingredient water in order to ensure the maximum traceability of the production processes to ensure compliance to increasingly stricter regulations.
Soft Drink Aquavista benefits
Increased membrane lifetime from 8-12 months to 2,5 y - Reduced liter-to-litre KPI from 3,0 to 1,8l - Prevented 5-8 days downtime, equivalent to ...

Project Scope
In September 2015, a 100m3/h water treatment plant for a global beverage leader was installed in North Africa. The solution implemented is BERKEFELD PurBev®, a range of hygienic water treatment solutions for the food & beverage industries consisting of reverse osmosis, activated carbon and ultrafiltration technologies. This beverage company was looking for a way to considerably improve the monitoring of their ingredient water. One of the client’s main objectives was to improve their water consumption KPI liter to liter.
The Problem
During operation the performance of both ultrafiltration units had severely and abruptly declined. Discussions, analysis and various counter measures such as CIP procedures on site had been carried out without sustainably solving the problem. Since a further degradation of the UF performance would have lead to a shutdown of the plant causing considerable damages and costs, an action plan was defined by Veolia Water Technologies engineers. The main objectives:
  • Determination of root causes of rapid differential pressure increase
  • Reduction of the differential pressure of the UF systems by performing modified CIP
  • Inspection of the dosing equipment and dosing rates
  • Check of chemical quality and concentration​
The Action
As Aquavista Portal, Insight and Assist was implemented, process experts were able to investigate the causes based on the available data and trends from the previous months  and to suggest counter actions in a timely manner. The Aquavista digital services modules provided are Portal, Insight and Assist. The Aquavista Services has successfully allowed the company to closely monitor their ingredient water in real-time by monitoring the parameters of PurBev, with an ATAWAD (AnyTime, AnyWhere, Any Device) access to this information.
AQUAVISTA Key Features:
  • Remote monitoring of parameters
  • Remote control on demand
  • Operations reporting
  • Feedback on performance and recommendations for optimization
  • Training in local language
  • HYDREX® service with special chemical​
Client Benefits
The introduction of digital services in the water treatment plant at this production site has provided technical and operational benefits for the client. Their processes and plant is now more reliable and they were able to reduce their operating costs.
They are able to now fully access real-time data on their ingredient water and monitor the quality of it according to the regulations, and more importantly, to their specifications. A full team of Veolia experts are in charge of analysing the reports generated from the KPIs and send out immediate feedback in case of any problem. These experts also provide recommendations and advice on how to improve operations.
The client benefits from more process support and expertise to operate the water treatment plant, as well as from high value digital services.
We are very satisfied with the new Veolia performance monitoring service. This really is a high value service which helps us to reduce operational cost and improve the reliability of our water treatment plant. Veolia’s digitaliation strategy is the right step to differentiate its services further from competition” engineering director, April 2017.
This project has not only allowed for the client to benefit from increased reliability but also from increased plant uptime and an overall improvement in performance. The client feedback and testing has allowed us at Veolia to considerably improve our technologies, services and the PurBev design.
Soft Drink Aquavista  scheme