16 may 2018

AQUAVISTA™ for the Oil & Gas Industry

A new era in service solutions for Water Injection Asset Integrity Management

Veolia’s unique combination of a digitized system with expert engineers now provides upstream water injection assurity.
Our expertise in facility asset management has been gained from decades of experience in operations enabling us to balance conflicting drivers and deliver pragmatic outcomes based on the actual production needs of the Industry.
In the challenge to meet the oil & gas industry’s need for improved operation and reduced OPEX, Veolia has developed the AQUAVISTA™ digital services platform that allows smarter management of our client’s upstream water injection systems; improving performance, minimising operational risk, whilst reducing OPEX.
Existing methods of handling and assessing upstream asset data was problematic as a service provider onshore. Aquavista, Veolia’s real time monitoring service, delivers early warning of deteriorating performance and operational issues, giving unprecedented visibility into the performance of the water injection system. Combined with the onshore process specialist delivered by Veolia through Aquavista Assist, a service of true value is integrated into the customer’s teams, both onshore and offshore.
Using OSIsoft PI System™, Aquavista will transform upstream water injection operations; unlocking the value of your data to transform it into relevant business driven operations. Aquavista improves water injection system performance:
  • Real-time upstream data capture onshore
  • Business KPI’s for water injection
  • Laboratory analytics and manual offshore batch control inputs
  • Generates “benchmarking” performance KPI’s.
  • Technical and process support by Veolia specialists.
  • Bespoke water injection operational support for unlocking availability and reliability
  • Optimised chemical consumptions and performance
  • ​Early event detection notification for operational risk reduction.

The key benefits to our clients

  • Water injection assurity 
  • Providing increased oil recovery and reduced OPEX