16 may 2018

AQUAVISTA™, digital trust

Digital trust

Digital transformation is no longer a buzzword: it has become a reality. The growing connectivity of equipment, people and businesses has profoundly changed the entire landscape in which businesses are operated and is quickly becoming a key parameter of success for companies all over the world. The amount of data captured through these connected systems, the big data, processed with intelligence in cloud gives a way to optimise the processes and increase the overall efficiency. Hence it needs to be protected and the channels through which it transits must be controlled and secured to ensure that it is only available to those for whom it is meant.
The increasing digital connectedness of the entire value chain creates agility and procures flexibility, but it also demands that cybersecurity risks and threats be effectively assessed and thwarted. The key is to address these challenges by embedding security at the core of platform design.
At Veolia Water Technologies, we believe that security is better and stronger when it is built in and not bolted on. Our Digital Platform, AQUAVISTA™, is built with security at its core. Cybersecurity aspects are considered as vital to the design and architecture of the platform, and we ensure that best-in-class security practices are enforced over the entire infrastructure.
Physical Security, Network Security and Cloud Security: the complete digital landscape is addressed.
Physical security means that the phase where the data is acquired is safe. This is achieved by ensuring the physical security of the device or equipment, of course, but also through secured accessibility and data encryption. Veolia Water Technologies complies with all industry standards.
Network security covers data transfer. We ensure that the data transits through secured tunnels and that the protocols used for data communication are secured and recognized by registered regulation entities. Moreover, network-enforced policies are put in place.
Cloud security is all about safe data aggregation and safe data analysis. On a cloud architecture, security is in place by design. A dedicated team of security experts with access to state-of-the-art tools manages the security and applies continuous security improvement strategies, while also conducting penetration tests and security audits. We ensure cybersecurity compliance (NSIT/IES Standards) and apply industry-proven security architecture practices.
The value and the volume of data have never been higher, affording users with a level of information and flexibility that has never been seen before, but which could also potentially make businesses more vulnerable than ever before. It is imperative that we maintain confidentiality, integrity and availability of the data and Veolia Water Technologies is committed to do so in partnership with our clients.