Sustainable manufacturing mega-site in Spain

Sustainable manufacturing mega-site in Spain

The Spanish capital of Madrid is known for its love of food, for being the sunniest city in Europe, as well as for housing Europe's finest collections of Spanish and Latin American art. It is also about to be the home of our largest manufacturing facility, let’s discover more about this flagship site.

Once complete, the new Veolia Water Technologies manufacturing site in Rivas, located just 25 km (15.5 miles) southeast of central Madrid, will be our largest — and most sustainable — manufacturing facility in the world. It is set to have a total annual production capacity of over 1,000 standard units including small, medium and large models.

Rivas manufacturing offering: 

The facility is focused on our standard product range which includes technologies for the full filtration spectrum, reverse osmosis, softening and ion exchange applications. The manufacturing site will consist of three buildings: Rivas 1, 2 and 3, with a total surface of 16,100 square meters.

Sustainable manufacturing mega-site in Spain

Facilitating reduction, reuse and recycling are at the heart of the site and how we operate. The roofs will be layered with solar panels for the production of 100 kilowatts of electricity an hour — equivalent to the power used when watching a 55” LED TV for 1,000 hours. 

Additionally, across all three buildings, measures have been put in place to reduce water. For example, the new test benches in Rivas 2 will be equipped with neutralization tanks to store and neutralize process water. This will then be recirculated helping to save more than 250 cubic meters of water a year. This is in addition to reducing the site’s chemical drainage, which is controlled by neutralizing the effluents, and will work alongside all the other existing water-saving methods throughout the other buildings.

More than 70 engineering experts work on the site currently and once completed at the end of 2022, it will be closer to 100 employees onsite.

All customers buying standard equipment are welcome to visit the Rivas site to learn about the manufacturing process and to witness the Factory Acceptance Tests performed on their purchased units. 

Rivas 1 will house the workshop area for non-pharmaceutical equipment: Sirion Mega, Terion, Terion S, Sensa, Actiflo, Rapide Strata as well as mobile water assembly. Once completed it will integrate a test bench for up to three medium-sized units. The first floor will focus on Kanban equipment design and assembly.

Rivas 2 hosts the main office for product management including control and instrumentation, computer-aided design and customer service, purchasing, finance and contract engineering. It will also feature a second workshop dedicated to pharmaceutical products: Orion and Sensa, which is conditioned with a wall-to-floor coating for pharma equipment production and is ISO9001 certified. Once completed, Rivas 2 will have an annual production capacity of 50 to 60 Orion units and 25 Sensa units, as well as testing bays to welcome clients coming to the site for witnessed testing.

The final building, Rivas 3, is the logistics warehouse with the possibility of an additional assembly and mobile units warehouse and testing area.