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Delivering water anywhere, 24/7. Ideal for planned hire, emergencies and disaster

Mobile Water Services

Our Mobile Water Services provide pure water anytime, anywhere, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. With flow rates from 200 litres/hr to >150 m⁳/hr, our Mobile Water Services are ideal for planned hire, emergency call-outs and disaster recovery. Safeguarding the production of your water treatment plant, our Mobile Water Services provide flexible water services, while reducing your wastewater discharge volume and identifying reuse opportunities.


Emergency mobile water services

This high-value service has been developed to protect and provide your business with ‘treated water security’ in the event of an unplanned circumstance where you require a temporary water treatment plant. We can deploy equipment and engineers within four hours of your call 24/7, and can deliver any quality and quantity of treated water for an unlimited time period, in a safe and responsible way.


Planned mobile water services

This ‘customer choice’ planned service provides customised, flexible and adaptable solutions for your foreseen requirements for temporary water treatment. This service provides capabilities, technologies and engineers who deliver treated water of any quality and quantity in the most cost-effective way, during open-ended usage periods and meeting the highest service standards.


Multi-year mobile water services

Our multi-year service provides reliable, cost-effective and adaptable solutions to meet and exceed your long-term requirements for treated water. This service provides tried and tested standard equipment, capabilities, technologies and engineers who deliver treated water to industry standards, meeting and exceeding quality and quantity requirements in a secure, responsible and sustainable way. Multi-year services are available over defined time periods, typically between one and ten years, to match your needs.

James Paget Hospital, UK

The renal ward at James Paget Hospital operates 16 hours each day, and accommodates up to 18 patients at any one time for three hour sessions. To support this critical activity, James Paget needed to upgrade their existing water treatment system.
Veolia Water Technologies’s carbon analysis team assessed the carbon footprint of the existing system and compared various options for the new system. The recommended solution comprised of a Modula SXL hygienic reverse osmosis unit and a nephro SAFE heat sanitisable ultrafiltration unit. The project has provided James Paget Hospital with a new renal water system to meet its current and planned needs, and a reduced carbon footprint.