City of Liberal implements Veolia’s innovative treatment systems and digital control for their new WWTF

Veolia Water Technologies Inc. has been awarded a contract to supply a Bio-Denipho™ biological treatment process, Hydrotech Discfilter system and Aquavista™ digital solution to the City of Liberal, Kansas.

The City of Liberal is constructing a new Wastewater Treatment Facility to handle future increases in flow with improved treatment capabilities. Veolia will provide the Bio Denipho™ system to achieve BOD, total nitrogen and biological phosphorus removal. Veolia will also provide the Hydrotech Discfilter for enhanced removal of phosphorus and suspended solids. The system will treat average peak flows of 4 MGD and 7.1 MGD while achieving effluent total nitrogen of less than 8 mg/L, total phosphorus less than 0.5 mg/L and suspended solids of less than 5 mg/L.

Veolia’s cloud-based Aquavista™ system will provide many benefits to the municipality and take advantage of the latest instrumentation and IoT functionality. Aquavista™ Portal will provide remote data monitoring and access from any internet enabled device; Aquavista™ Assist allows access to Veolia expertise; and Aquavista™ Plant automatically updates the system with optimal set-points and equipment operation through analysis and response to real-time data.

Veolia was selected based on the ability to provide the optimal solution to meet the technical objectives while offering single source responsibility for the performance of the new treatment facility