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Industrial Case Studies

Korea Hydro & Nuclear Power Co. (KHNP) – South Korea

To meet the legal limit to discharge wastewater.

Project Background

KHNP Key figures
Contract start: October 10, 2014 - Scope: Operation & Maintenance - Duration: 3 years

Ulsan & Busan, South Korea – 30% of South Korea’s electric power supply. 7,937MW of electricity, equivalent to the consumption of 8 million people.


The Client’s Needs

As Nuclear Power is a specific industry with excellent performance records in Korea, safe and stable operation is the number one priority. Veolia has to strictly comply with high safety procedures and quality standards approved by KHNP.

Improvement of safety, quality and specific technical challenges to KHNP’s largest power plant.

Client’s environmental targets
  • To meet the legal limit to discharge wastewater

Project & Technology Solutions

Water & Wastewater Treatment Facilities at Nuclear Power Plants.

Competitive commercial bidding based on proven technical capability through the reference in nuclear market.


Process Description

 Kori plant (4 reactor units)
  • Demineralization water system (6,768m3/d)
  • Sea water electrolysis facility (2,654m3/d)
  • Condensate polishing plant (84,024m3/d)

Shin-Kori plant (4 reactor units)
  • Demi water system (3,814m3/d)
  • Sea water electrolysis facility (6,000m3/d)
  • Condensate polishing plant (65,952m3/d)
  • Wastewater treatment facility (3,906m3/d)


Technical expertise
  • Applicable Veolia’s differentiated O&M know-how in Demineralized and ultra pure water
  • To graft an elevated technology related water treatment
  • New perspective to client in terms of level of service

Fulfillment of conditions for bidding
  • High level of technical point beyond expectation of client
  • Quick response to the unexpected requirement of client

Close cooperation among Veolia entities
  • Extensive useful references from Veolia business platform to meet the technical and safety requirement of client
  • Active support to response on possible operational or technical problem faced to client
  • Strong collaboration between Ginkeo and Veolia Korea in preparing the bidding process
Business development
  • This reference is key to demonstrate Veolia capabilities in the Power sector and in the most complex environments.
  • New business opportunities in the Power industry mainly led by KHNP: expansion of O&M services & EPC contracts
  • KHNP is the first reference in the Power industry for Veolia in South Korea and can be a strong basis for future proposals. Chosen by KHNP as the operator for its largest power plant is a recognition.