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Industrial Case Studies

Intergen – Australia

Key Figures

  • The technology operates without the use of the chemicals.
  • The technology can operate 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, with no downtime required for regeneration.
  • By providing technologies that reduce water consumption, yet still provide high-purity water.
  • This system saves time and money.


Project Background

Millmerran, Queensland – Plant was among the first in Australia to use low-sulfur coal in combination with a super critical boiler technology and an air cooling system design that produces the lowest greenhouse gas emissions of any conventional coal-fired systems.


The Client’s Needs

In order to maintain its competitive position in the QLD electricity market and to reduce the Millmerran Power Projects reliance on a single source Millmerran Power Projects investigated into additional water sources for the projects water which included water for the Wetalla Sewerage Treatment Plant.


Project & Technology Solutions

Design & Build: Raw water is clarified and softened during the pre-treatment process, minimising calcium and magnesium hardness. The system includes:
  • 1 X Clarifier/Softener.
  • 3 X 33% Gravity Filters.
  • Control of pH in the clarifier is fully automatic and water entering the gravity filters has a pH of 7.8.
  • Gravity filters then remove any suspended solid material from the softened water, preparing it for demineralization
  • The Two-Pass Reverse Osmosis units are designed to use the permeate from the first pass as feed to the second pass. Second pass effluent is then recycled back to the inlet of the first pass, producing high quality permeate.
  • The Continuous De-Ionisation (CDI) process produces a consistent, predictable water quality with a high percentage of feed water ion removal. 

​Process Description

Intergen process description