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Industrial Case Studies

Modern Karton - Turkey

The Client

Modern Karton Pulp&Paper factory, located near Istanbul in Turkey, is one of the biggest paper producers of Europe with the 630,000 tons/annum capacity to be duplicated up to a million tons/annum in first quarter 2015 through a large investment of new Paper Mill.

The Client’s Needs

Image Case study Modern modern karton 2
A compact solution to eliminate waste water treatment in the available factory area without a further land investment.
 Consequent to investment plan of 280 million € triggering new water source input and treatment capacity increase in the location where no more water to apply.


The Solution

Installing a Veolia patented technologies combination Anaerobic EGSB System + Flash aeration and MBBR (Moving Bed Biofilm Reactor ) followed by DAF Units. MBBR allowing to expand capacity just adding media is to decrease plant’s footprint by 75% as to classical activated sludge systems’ in order to stay in limits of accessible area.
Veolia brings a tailor made solution enabling Modern Karton to reuse its treated waste water with harmless discharge to receiving environment.
The Reuse Plant will further treat the effluent of WwTP’s that will meet the most stringent levels of treatment for process water. The technologies implemented in Reuse Plant are patented Multiflo Soft® + UF + ACF + RO systems.
  • Rehabilitation of existing WwTP from 5.000 m3/d. to 9.000 m3/d.
  • New WwTP of 12.000 m3/d to built.
  • Reuse of all effluent from WwTPs.
  • 10.000 m3/d corresponding 3.5 million m3/y water to be saved.
Positive balance of Carbon Footprint all over 20 years’ equivalent is 13.060 tons of CO2.

The Benefits

  • Further land investment by client disappeared.
  • New water resource by Reuse is solved.
  • Treatment technology in plants upgraded.