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Industrial Case Studies

Billerud AB, Karlsborg - Sweden

Billerud is a packaging paper company and ranks among Europe's top producers of NBSK pulp with an annual capacity of 1.4 million tons.

Key figures

An annual capacity of 1.4 million tons
130,000 tons of sack and craft paper
170,000 tons of market pulp


Increase in the output of demineralized water of high quality
Return of high-quality treated condensates to the boilers
Reduced operating / maintenance costs

The Client

Karlsborg is one of Europe's leading suppliers of white sack paper. It also produces white craft paper and bleached long fibre sulphate pulp for sale on the open market.
The site employs 490 people and produces approximately 130,000 tons of sack and craft paper and 170,000 tons of market pulp annually.

Client's Needs

To feed its boilers, Billerud Karlsborg uses water that is first mechanically treated and thereafter demineralized.

As the supply of steam is essential to the paper making process, there must be no interruption in the production of demineralized water. Since existing facilities were not reliable enough and water quality for the production process was inadequate, the facilities had to be updated.

  • Condensate treatment was also added in the new water treatment plant to secure the supply of feed water to the boilers.
  • The water treatment plant including the condensate treatment was designed for fully automatic operations.

Our Solution

In response to Billerud's needs at the Karlsborg plant Veolia Water Technologies' subsidiary, Krüger Akvapur, installed  the following equipment downstream of the existing mechanical treatment:

  • demineralization consisting of weak cation/strong anion filters in two trains, each with a capacity of 210 m3/h
  • one polishing mixed bed after the demineralization plant
  • one pre-coat filter with a capacity of 225 m3/h, followed by a mixed bed filter

Krüger Akvapur is responsible for uninterrupted operation of the treatment facility and its remote monitoring system.