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Water Treatment Plant – Ghana

Veolia Water Technologies South Africa has been awarded the contract to supply all the mechanical and electrical componentry and equipment for a complete water treatment plant (WTP) for the new KIPP in Tema, Ghana.

Ghana Case Study


Ghana Key Figures
10% of Ghana’s total installed capacity - Supply a water treatment plant, including desalination and potable water treatment - Veolia’s full scop...


Project Background

Located within 1 km of the Atlantic Ocean, which is the plant’s water source, Kpone Independent Power Plant (KIPP) will be the largest independent power plant in Ghana when operations commence in 2017. It is a 350 MW Combined Cycle Gas Turbine (CCGT) Plant, which will account for approximately 10% of Ghana’s total installed capacity.

The Client’s Needs

The project, acquired through an open tender issued by Group 5, was awarded to Veolia in September 2015 with the envisaged WTP commissioning date set for the end of 2016. The hazard and operability study (HAZOP) has been conducted by the long lead time item procurement and detailed design, with construction of skid mounted equipment to be carried out in Veolia’s Sebenza workshop.


Project & Technology Solutions

Veolia’s full scope of work includes the planning, designing, construction and testing of the skid-mounted plants delivered to Durban port. The skids include seawater pre-treatment comprising clarification and filtration, first pass seawater desalination (with a capacity of 3.1 mega litres per day) and second pass brackish water desalination, a mix bed ion exchange demineralisation plant and a potable water treatment plant. “One of the project’s key objectives is to maximise South African content,” says Jaco Oosthuizen, Technical Manager at Veolia Water Technologies South Africa, “which means that the majority of items required will be manufactured and procured in South Africa.”

Process Description

“The main imported section is the electro chlorination plant, which involves the electro chemical production of sodium hypochlorite solution (NaOCl) by passing a DC current through seawater at a defined flowrate and current” explains the technical manager. 
The team of specialists, each an expert in a specific discipline, including process, mechanical, electrical and drawing office, as well as project management, planning, procurement and workshop fabrication, will ensure that all skids are delivered by the end of 2016, when Veolia will provide commissioning assistance.
“The experience accrued from having constructed the majority of seawater desalination plants in South Africa,” Oosthuizen concludes, “has led to Veolia becoming leaders in this field. This knowledge and competence played a role in securing this contract, and we will ensure that KIPP in Ghana benefit from our experience.”
Ghana Plant

Kpone - Example of a similar plant.