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Industrial Case Studies

Sasol Landlord, South Africa

Start up in 2007


Sasol Landlord

The Client

Established in 1950 by the South African government, Sasol is a global energy company in chemical, Fuels and gas, and has now 50 entities and 30,000 employees.

Headquartered in Johannesburg, South Africa it is engaged in the commercial production and marketing of chemicals and liquids fuels ; with a growing interest in oil and gas exploration.

Veolia's Solution

Cooling towers blowdown reuse construction of water treatment plant and water purification installations.
Design, construction and commissioning.

Technologies & Solutions

Flocculated water

MULTIFLO 300 will feed the demineralization unit, chill tower of oxygen plant, process cooling water, Make up, and also desalination plant with reduced flow.

Cold lime softener

MULTIFLO 300 with lime and soda-ash for elimination of mainly TOC, hardness, silica, then distribution to cooling tower (full reuse) and desalination plant.

Submersible membrane

  • Pre-treatment through two T-type strainers with 1mm screen opening
    . Control of pH, Turbidity, Conductivity, Hardness
    . UF can be fed directly, with clarified water or even CTBD water
  • UF membrane system (7075 m² per train, 36l/m².h, outlet with SDI< 3)

Ion Exchange Softening

Basic design by and according to Rossmark standards
Diameter vessel 2.800 mm
Resin type Bayer Monoplus

Reverse Osmosis

Veolia Water Technologies South East Asia design and supply
Two pass spiral reverse osmosis
Recovery 80%
NaOH before second pass for TOC fouling reduction

Mixed Bed Polisher

Basic design by and according to Rossmark Standards
Diameter vessel 2.800 mm
Resin type Rohm & Hass (4.000 I + 7.500 l per vessel)