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SPC Power Plant Northeastern USA

A state-of-the-art 695-MW power generation facility was recently installed in the Northeastern U.S. to serve the country's highest demand market.

The Client

SPC Actiflo
Key facts: 5,600 gpm average capacity, 6,600 gpm peak capacity, Technologies include proprietary ACTIFLO® , multimedia filtration, micro-filtrati...

A state-of-the-art 695-MW power generation facility was recently installed in the Northeastern U.S. to serve the country's highest demand market. Its innovative power generation technologies, emissions control systems, and process efficiencies make it one of the cleanest, most efficient and technologically advanced supercritical pulverized coal (SPC) power plants in the U.S.

Client's needs

A technologically advanced water treatment system was desired to meet the needs of the new power generation facility. The client contracted Veolia Water Technologies to design and build a river water treatment system to provide make-up water for the power plant. About 80 percent of the water will serve the plant's cooling tower, and the remainder will be used for steam generation, scrubbing and other purposes.

Our solutions

Veolia Water Technologies designed and built the new water treatment facility using its proprietary ACTIFLO® high-rate clarification, multimedia filtration and reverse osmosis (RO) technologies integrated with the client's existing equipment to minimize cost. The river water treatment system is designed to handle raw water with salinity as high as 500 mg/l and produce water quality of 200 mg/l total dissolved solids (TDS) continuously at average demand.

The innovative system design incorporates alternative control schemes. Depending upon the influent river water quality, certain treatment steps are not operated when they are not needed, saving energy and operating costs. Monitoring and control systems ensure that these treatment steps are added when required to meet water quality specifications.

The treatment system also has the ability to automatically blend more economical clarified water with RO permeate at varying rates, depending upon current conditions, providing significant operational flexibility and cost efficiencies.

The project was performed by our Pittsburgh-based business unit that specializes in systems integration and design-build project delivery.

Benefits of our Technological Solutions

Faster Start-up and Recovery Times

The ACTIFLO® provides a much faster start-up time than a conventional clarifier, ensuring that supply water will be availabe when you need it. By comparison, conventional clarification can take up to 24 hours to reach steady-state treatment.

Smaller Footprint

The footprint of the ACTIFLO® is more than 20 times smaller than that of a conventional clarifier that provides the same treatment capacity. The rapid sand-ballasted settling of the ACTIFLO® process enables the small footprint.

Process Flow Diagram


SPC Flow diagram