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Industrial Case Studies

Assiut Power Plant – Egypt

Veolia Water Technologies Egypt was awarded in January 2015 the water and wastewater treatment systems for a large Egyptian Power company.

Assiut Power Plant – Egypt

Project Background

The client Orascom Construction built a 1500 MW combined cycle power plant to overcome power shortages during summer in the country.
Assiut Power Plant Key Figures
1500 MW Combined Cycle Power Plant - Investment cost of $746 Million - Water & Wasterwater Project duration: < 5 months

  • End User: UEEPC
  • Consultant: PGESCo

The Client's Needs

The main challenge was the tight schedule, as the project requirement needed to be less than 5 months, fully installed.

Water scarcity in Egypt is exacerbated by rapid population growth and the development imperatives of upstream countries in the Nile River basin. In line with national plans for water resources management, the government is focused on rationalising demand and looking to non-conventional water sources where there is limited access to surface water.

With its 2013 population over 82 million, Egypt is expecting to outpace most of the world, in terms of near-term growth.

Project & Technology Solutions

Veolia Water Technologies Egypt designed, purchased, installed and commissioned the plant in a record time of 19 weeks, using Veolia pre-engineered systems. Furthermore, long lead items were transported by air instead of sea freight in order to shorten the time for logistics.

The water source is from brackish wells and TDS (Total Dissolved Solids) varies between 3000-6000 ppm. 


Summary of Water and Wastewater Packages

Assiut Power Plant Results
Demineralized water quality achieved: TOC: < 100 ppb - Silica: < 10 ppb - Na: 2 ppb - Cl: 2 ppb - SO4: 2 ppb - Conductivity: 0.1 µs/cm

  1. Ultrafiltration (UF) à 4 x 210 m3/h (net)
  2. Two pass Reverse Osmosis (RO) à
  3. Electro Deionization (EDI) units à 4 x 100 m3/h (net)
  4. Industrial wastewater treatment plant: 80 m3/h
  5. Coalescing oil water separator: 25 m3/h
  6. Potable water package: 100 m3/d
  7. Sewage Treatment Plant (STP): 100 m3/d

The Benefits

  • UF instead of classic pre-treatment (clarifiers + sand filters) à  Less O&M and no chemical sludge.
  • RO: The 3 membrane treatment approach for boiler feed water eliminates all hazardous chemicals- acid and caustic; improving safety onsite and in transit, as well as reducing chemical cost.
  • CEDI in lieu of mixed bed technology that is normally used in the Egyptian power market. CEDI is a chemical free process and its reject is recycled to the inlet of the RO. Accordingly it reduces chemical consumption and eliminates the chemical wastewater generated from ion exchange technologies.
  • Veolia’s Multiflo technology is used in the wastewater treatment package, enhancing concentrated sludge production in a small space. This reduces solids transportation cost and area required for the wastewater system.
Veolia Water Technologies has a strong local network with over 10 offices across the Middle-East and Africa region, ensuring their industrial clients receive local service adapted to their market and culture.

Veolia Water Technologies has the expertise to provide a full range of solutions and services to optimize water use. From Design-Build delivery of integrated systems to operations, Veolia has the employees and the capabilities to deliver projects and services, meeting all customers’ needs.