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Industrial Case Studies

2,000-MW Coal Fired Power Station – USA

The Client's Needs

Coal Fired
USA - A large Mid-Atlantic power generation company operating a coalfired facility in the US.

Thanks to an already established relationship, the client contacted Veolia with an urgent need for mobile/temporary units to eliminate wastewater discharge to its existing ponds and to dewater solids in the ponds. The client planned to use the land occupied by the ponds for new FGD scrubber equipment.
The client cleans coal before burning to improve air quality and combines the wastewater with coal pile runoff created by rain events. The client also expressed a long-term vision for a permanent water treatment system.


The Solution

In order to meet the client’s immediate needs, Veolia provided mobile/temporary units utilizing dewatering technologies.
The client was initially pumping sludge at about 1% solids from its existing cooling tower clarifier and combining it with the wastewater from the coal cleaning plant. The client indicated the need for additional sludge streams at the same solids ratio. The sludge thickened to 4-5% would then either be pumped and dewatered from the thickener or be run through a press so that it could be trucked away.
In response to the client’s request, Veolia engineered and supplied a solids thickening and dewatering integrated system, consisting of a Thickener with a flow of 300 GPM, multiple sets of sludge transfer pumps, 2 belt filter presses, chemical feed systems and integrated system y g y controls. Effluent from the thickener and filtrate from the belt presses were recovered to conserve water and reduce discharge volumes to the environment.
Veolia had previously installed two permanent Actiflo® clarifiers to treat coal pile runoff and wash water, which were installed in existing concrete basins. When an old conventional clarifier drive unit treating cooling tower make-up shut down, Veolia also provided the client with a mobile ACTIFLO ® clarifier to treat 750  GPM. Familiar with the technology, the client was confident about its reliability.