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EVALED® Technology

Veolia Water Technologies Italy has been awarded to supply evaporators to a major diesel engine power supplier in Europe for different locations outside the continent.

EVALED® Technology Power

The Client

A major diesel engine power supplier in Europe is one of the world’s leading suppliers of power plants based on large diesel and gas engines.


The Client's Needs

Key Figures Evaled
Low running costs - The line is dedicated to water separation and possible reuse - Skid mounted (small footprint) and ready to use (plug & pl...

In new engines power plants find a solution to:
  • Reduce at minimum the water content in the oily waste water from discharge of separator systems and dewatering of fuel oil storage tanks.
  • Recover the oily concentrate to be burned.

Project & Technology Solutions

EVALED AC F is the line of hot/cold water and forced circulation vacuum evaporators designed to treat liquids with high content of dissolved solids at low temperature, with the minimum fouling and scaling index.

Technology Type


Footprint (m2)

1 x AC Forc. Circ.

EW 20000 AA
AISI 316 L 9.1

Process Description

High efficiency forced circulation shell & tube heat exchanger with horizontal tubes and exchanged energy by hot/cold water allows to concentrate wastewater up to the salts solubility limits and to manage scaling and fouling phenomena.

Evaporation at a low boiling point is made possible by the vacuum condition generated by the pump and the ejector. Wastewater is treated continuously by separating the waste into distilled water and concentrate. The distillate is discharged through a pump and the concentrate through a valve, according to a pre-set timer, when the desired concentration level is achieved.
EVALED® Technology Scheme


  • Water recovery: up to 93%
  • Concentration factor: up to 16 times
The solution achieved:
  • Waste water disposal cost reduction
  • Heat recovery coming from cogeneration (CO2 footprint reduction)
  • Waste to energy: conc. Oil recovered
  • Certified solution replicated globally in similar plants with a standardized unit, managing the average flow of 12 m3/day











pH   6 7-9 -
TS at 105°C % 5-30** - >60-80*
Chlorides ppm <200 <5 -
Oils % 1-30 - 50-70
COD mg/l - <1300 -
Conductivity µS/cm - <600 -

*unit “Ex proof customized“ to manage the high oil concentration
**Inlet Variability