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Chelyabinsk Steam Power Plant

The Client's Needs

Chelyabinsk Russia
Chelyabinsk, Russia – Fortum is a Finnish energy company operating power plants , including co-generation power plants , and generates and sells ...

Fortum’s subsidiary in Russia, OAO Fortum, has committed to implementing an investment program that will increase its electricity production capacity from the 2,800 MW in 2010 to over 5,100 MW by 2014 in the Urals region. This extensive investment program consists of eight units to be commissioned by the end of 2014 and the automation and upgrade of the Chelyabinsk heating system.

Veolia has been awarded a contract from OAO Fortum to proceed with the design and construction of a water treatment plant for the production of softened water for the Chelyabinsk CHP-3. This last unit is the region's first modern natural gas-fired combined-cycle plant producing electricity with gas and steam turbines.

The Solution

The project at Chelyabinsk has required the production of softened water total hardness lower than 0,02 meq/l for process purposes and to treat blowdown water from cooling towers before discharge into river with TSS lower than 10 mg/l.
The production of softened water is done by using ACTIFLO® Softening technology followed by dual media filtration, activated carbon filtration and IX resin softening. The following available feed streams are :
  • River water,
  • Blowdown water from cooling towers,
  • RO concentrate plus other minor stream

Key Figures

• Contract type: Design and Build Water Treatment Plant
• Softened water: 9 000 m3/d

Key Figures

• Processes: ACTIFLO® Softening , Media filtration, activated carbon filtration, IX resin softening


Steam Characteristics

Parameter Units River Water Blowdown Water RO Brine
Temperature °C 2 ÷ 20 10 ÷ 33 10 ÷ 33
Hardness meq/l 4.6 7.5 18.2
Alkalinity meq/l 3.7 4.6 13.6
TDS mg/l 466 712 1868
pH - 8.3 8.0 7.3
TSS mg/l 15 30 0

Process Description

The ACTIFLO® Softening section is composed of two parallel equal lines; the first line is dedicated to river water treatment while the second line is dedicated to blowdown water, RO concentrate and other minor streams. A total of six APWW-3 ACTIFLO® units, three per line, is used. Each ACTIFLO® unit is preceded by a reaction tank where lime and soda ash is dosed for hardness precipitation. The maximum capacity of each line is 200 m3/h with a peak capacity of 365 m3/h.
Softened water is collected together and sent to filtration steps (dual media followed by activated carbon) before final softening with IX resins. This final section is composed by 6+1 IX column of 2,5 m diameter.
Blowdown water from cooling tower is treated also to remove suspended solids before discharge into river. Also for this treatment section ACTIFLO® technology has been chosen. 4 APWW-4 units is used for treatment of minimum 350 m3/h of blowdown water during winter time and maximum of 1000 m3/h during summer time.
Chelyabinsk Actiflo Softening