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Industrial Case Studies

Laboratorios KENER, Mexico

The Client

Kener Key Figures
Contract type: Solutions - Awarded: July 2014 - Service contract: 1 year - Processes: Rapide Strata 10 Plus, Polaris Multi-Effect Distiller 3 S ...

Toluca, Mexico – Laboratorios Kener is a pharmaceutical company that develops, manufactures, markets and distributes generic prescription drugs mainly, OTC, medical devices and cosmetics.
Laboratorios Kener has a portfolio of over 140 products.

The Client's Needs

The Mexican pharmaceutical industry is fast-growing with the generic and OTC markets showing particular potential. 400 pharmaceutical companies dominate the Mexican industry .
To meet the market demand and stay competitive, Laboratorios Kener developed a new production line in its existing plant in Toluca, Mexico.

Veolia has been contracted for the installation of a complete Process Water and Water for Injection plant.


The Solution

The plant features two of its advanced water technologies, including:

Process Description

The POLARIS MED multiple effect stills uses falling film technology to produce up to 10,000 l/h (with 3 bar industrial steam) of WFI from a Purified Water feed.
Laboratorios KENER Scheme

Benefits for the Client

Laboratorios KENER Key Factors
Good understanding of KENER needs and requirement - Idea to use the Rapide Strata Plus to have the capacity to feed a second POLARIS MED, as a co...

  • Veolia offered to the Client a complete range of service from project execution to service contract.
  • Veolia’s solution allowed an increase of the production output and help the Client to stay competitive on a fast expanding market.