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Industrial Case Studies

Bendigo Mining Water Treatment Plant, VIC, Australia

Veolia Water Technologies Australia was awarded a contract for the design, supply, installation and commissioning of a new Water Treatment Plant.

The Plant

Bendigo Actiflo
Bendigo Mining Water Treatment Plant - Capacity: 7 ML/day

The new plant will treat up to 7 ML/day of contaminated underground mine water and will remove salt, dissolved iron, arsenic, heavy metals, manganese and other contaminants as well as odour (hydrogen sulphite).

The high quality treated water produced will be piped to Epsom where it will be used by local water authority to irrigate town's parks, gardens and sporting facilities.
Treated water is used by a nearby golf club to irrigate the course greens and tees, which has been suffering due to the ongoing drought. 


  • Actiflo® clarification
  • Manganese Greensand Filters
  • Upstream potassium permanganate dosing
  • Reverse Osmosis